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4d scan booked I’m so excited


As posted recently I got my wish and having a little girl I’m so excited to see her that we booked a 4d scan it comes with a check up movie of the baby and 4 images it’s also confirms 99.9 % the sex even though told it’s a girl thought I’d let you know has anyone else booked a 4d

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We had one at 28 weeks as my husband couldn’t come to any of our other scans and it was so amazing.

It was something I probably wouldn’t have done in normal circumstances but I’m 100% glad we did and husband loved it. It really made it real for him. Congratulations! X

Afrohair in reply to Rox1388

I’m soo excited 💕💕

Wow congratulations @afrohair do happy ur wish came through. 🎂😍🥳

Afrohair in reply to Cici85


Oh my god! You’re having a girl! I’m so happy for you!! Enjoy your 4D scan 🙈❤️

Afrohair in reply to cmbxm

Yeah thanks honey 🎀❤️

I did one with my daughter- it was amazing. Really clear pictures- we got loads of pictures, a usb stick with images & videos, 2 coloured pictures ( paid extra for) a key ring each ( paid extra for) & a teddy bear with her heartbeat recorded ( again paid extra for) It was such a wonderful experience definitely would like to do it again. Congratulations & enjoy the scan! xxx

Afrohair in reply to jess1981

Aww that sounds amazing especially the teddy I bet that was expensive it’s such a special moment I’m not planning on any more after this so have to make the most out of enjoying pregnancy ❤️❤️

jess1981 in reply to Afrohair

Definitely a special moment we didn’t think we’d be able to have anymore children with my endo & age so went all out with her. I’m nearly 15 weeks pregnant !This one is definitely my last baby!!!I also have a son that’s grown up from a previous relationship. The teddy bear wasn’t too expensive- £20 which I thought was reasonable. xxx

Where do you get the teddy with recorded heartbeat from? Haven't seen this and I want that too

Ultrasound direct who did our 4D scan. Based all over the country xxx

Afrohair in reply to jess1981

That’s reasonable !how old are you ?I have a grown up child as well he’s 15❤️

jess1981 in reply to Afrohair

39 next month!😳 I had my first child very young & didn’t meet my hubby until he was 10. Then it was a 7 year struggle to have our daughter ( took a longtime till I was diagnosed with endo) can’t believe I’ve been lucky to have another we just wanted to have two when we got married. At one point didn’t have one baby let alone two! xxx

Hi. How are you doing my love? Huge congratulations on your pregnancy bless you such a shock it happened so easily this time, bless you! Deserve a break after your 7 year battle. Hows your little girl? 😘💗

Oh my goodness long time no see! Lovely to see you on here. Francesca is growing up far too quickly & is 16 months old already 😳 we were completely shocked to find out we are having another baby I thought my endo was returning!!! Life is full of surprises! Anyway how are you? Hope you are well. Your little boy must be quite big now?! xxx

Wow 16 months, time really does fly! Amazing news it happened so easy for you this time. huge congratulations!! 💖

Im not so bad much better than i have been thanks!! Yes he's huge he's 2 on sunday keeps getting mistaken for 3 😂 he's a handful though. Not Angelic like, his sister was!! 😇 xx

Afrohair in reply to jess1981

Aww bless!im 35 had mine at 19 I remember you posting about your struggle I think you had just conceived franchesca (spelling lol )😊when I first started investigating my endo .you are so blessed ❤️❤️

Congratulations and how exciting 🥰😍I’ve booked for a 4d scan at 26 weeks, just before Christmas so I think the key rings etc will come in handy for Xmas pressies! I’m so excited to see our baby on the screen . I have my 20 week scan in November where I’m going to ask the sonographer to write down the gender on a piece of paper and then I’ll go back to the car and me and my partner can find out together! Xx

Aww ,I haven’t told anyone yet planning on that day.just so you know your not allowed to have it written down me and my partner asked I was only allowed to know alone.i wanted my partner to surprise me but the scan lady said you either know together or not at all and it has to be at the lady’s will not the man and you have to know in the scan room just my experience yours may differ but I was upset to find my partner can’t know without me knowing I wanted him to surprise me with balloons!ill be 25.4 when I have mine ❤️🎀

Congratulations!! So happy for you!! It's def worth the 4d I did it with my previous pregnancy and it was incredible! We bought a teddy with the heartbeat in as well 😍 xx

Afrohair in reply to Natasha213

Aww that’s so cute I’m so excited

I will have a 4D scan too! I am so excited! I booked it so my husband could have the experience too. I think he will love it! This will be the first time that I will have a 4D scan, I don’t know what to expect but from what I saw it is really worth it! Even the regular scans are amazing! It is my first baby, we will have a boy! I will have the scan next week when I will be nearly 25 weeks. I can’t wait!

And congratulations, I am sure you will love it too!!!

Afrohair in reply to Gabizinha

It’s so exciting !congratulations!its my first time too can’t wait to see her face

I've got mine booked too. I'm Counting down the day's 😃

Afrohair in reply to Ghhb


Hey! I have a 4D scan booked in for this Saturday - I cannot wait just to see his wee face! I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant with a boy so it’ll be nice for my partner to also be there. Congratulations and hope the scan goes well! Xx

Afrohair in reply to SwGA

Thankyou congratulations to you I will be 25weeks 4 days when I have mine my partner went to the last scan at 20 weeks but I’m so excited to see her that I wanted to book another lol !❤️

Hi my love, I've been lingering in the back ground for a while, just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy and Really very pleased that your having a girl!!! 💖

4d scans are amazing i think we got one in our last pregnancy and when our son played ball the pics were amazing. Iv got a pic of one fertility network!! Like jess1981 we got the full works keyring heartbeat teddy movie pic's, we went with window to the womb this time they sometimes have package deals. Such an amazing experience you'll love it!!

Congratulations again my love really pleased for you 😘💗

Thank you so much we have booked with window to the womb as well I’m so excited !they’ve have told us to walk a little before the scan to get baby moving ❤️❤️

Good advice they give you, i had to go for a walk half way through the scan as he wouldn't play ball, it did help!! How long till you have the scan? Xx

1st November so not too long 3 weeks

2 more week 3 days to go and counting

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