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Brown spotting nearly a week

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Hi ladies

I have been spotting brown - pink for nearly a week now

I’m about 5-6 weeks pregnant very anxious

Has anyone gone though this and had positive results

Would really appreciate any help

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I had this at 6-7 weeks, was like 3 days of very light brown/pink spotting, I had a scan at my local early pregnancy unit but they couldn’t see much, repeated the scan at 9 weeks and everything was dandy. They put it down to implantation bleeding! It’s very common. Try not to google stuff and freak yourself out! Fingers crossed all is ok. Xxx

I had only a tiny bit of spotting, it is common. I suggest that you call your GP; they can refer you to an early pregnancy unit where you can have a scan and check that everything is fine. Don't remain anxious! Hope all is well xx

I had spotting 3 times over a week between weeks 5-6 I think. Midwife said it could last a week and to call immediately if there were cramps or lots of blood. If it is brown then no worries. If it's red, most of the time it ends up with no issue at all but can be worth checking. For me it was brown-pink, then 3 days later 2 red small clots, and then a couple days later a rather bright red with some brown. That last one scared me. But it was the last one so far and no spotting since then, I am in my week 10. I think it is very common, so don't hesitate to call your midwife, even show her a picture so she knows what you're talking about, and remember that stressing out won't help (I know, easier said than done, been there). I hope this reassures you a little!


Just wondered how you were getting on? I’m 5 weeks today and have started spotting. It’s been consistent through the night.

Trying to stay positive and hoping it doesn’t get heavier!

Fingers crossed all ok for you x

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Sprog in reply to DreamerA

I bled for 4 days (although still going, today is day 7 🙁) and the EPAU were able to do an internal scan.

However I’m not sure the heartbeat can be seen until w6 - 7, but it’s worth giving them a call.

Very worrying but light spotting is normal (you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve read this week!)

Take care x

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DreamerA in reply to Sprog

Thanks for replying. This whole experience has been such a rollercoaster!

I’m trying not to google everything but it’s so hard!!!

Will try and stay positive and hope for the best! X

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Sprog in reply to DreamerA

For sure! Google can make worries ten times worse.

Just stick to the ‘proper’ sources of info (NHS, Tommy’s, Miscarriage Association etc) and you should be fine.

Let us know how you get on. Miscarriages are a lot more common than I ever knew but so is bleeding where everything ends up being 100% fine too! x

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