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Am I pregnant?! Help!!!

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Hey! So I've taken 2 pregnancy tests today and both came back positive, I want to celebrate and be happy but almost feel like I can't because I had blood tests taken last Friday for my hormones as I've only had one period since coming off the depo 19 months ago (period was 3 month ago), I did tell the doctor that I wasn't expecting to be pregnant (negative thinking) and I did take a test early August and it was negative (I'm now thinking I was too early to tell back then) but I'm just wondering would pregnancy show on a hormone blood test? She didn't mention it in the results so I'm guessing not, and I don't see why I would have 2 false positives

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Hi if you've got two positive tests and you've read them in the time frame, then I would say you're pregnant.

Unless your tests at the doctors were specifically for pregnancy they wouldn't have tested for the hcg hormone, if it was testing for why you hadn't had a period and you didn't think you could be pregnant it may have been a fairly specific test or it may have been too early to detect the hcg in your blood. If you're still under doctor care, maybe give them a call or refer yourself to your local midwife unit. If it was me, I'd probably take about another 20 tests as I was completely sure they were all wrong, before I referred myself to the midwife. Good luck xx

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Thank you so much! This was so helpful! I've already ordered another 6 on prime delivery from Amazon to come tomorrow 😂

Hello. I had the same, hormone tests at the gp 2 days after i got pregnant, but being scared with my period playing up and i had a pain in my ovaries as well, i vontacted my gp. They asked for blood test( thiroid and lady hormones the midwife told me), so i think they don t test the hcg in your blood test. Few days after the blood results i got my positive pregnancy tests at home

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Thank you for your help! 🥰

I'd contact your local midwife services now as you have two positive tests. By the way B&M do three tests for 80p. They're basically the inside of the fancy pregnancy tests that cost 10x as much. Just for future reference!

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Yeah I'm going to contact them in the morning! Thank you for all your help and advice 💞


A positive test is a positive test, if you looked at the results in the correct time frame, if anything just take another one in 48 hours, but I’m pretty sure you are, keep us updated x

I'm pretty sure I am too, I've got all the symptoms I feel so sick and my nipples are sore and itchy .. makes me think I'm further along but who knows until I get a scan 🙈

All the best, have my fingers crossed for you

The pregnancy hormone is a specific test - hcg. They wouldn’t have tested for that. Also you ovulate before a period, so you could have not been pregnant, had a period, then ovulated, gotten pregnant and never had another one!

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Ohhh right! Just when I'm looking at the symptoms and on when they *usually* come up I'm guessing that I'm around 6-8 weeks.. but I know you can get the symptoms at pretty much any time after 4 weeks! Thanks for your help I really appreciate it 🥰

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