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Car seat mirror, thoughts?


Hello lovelies,

Hope you're all well? Just after some opinions on the car seat mirrors. Does anyone have one? Are they worth it? I've read mixed reviews online & some say they aren't safe as you can get distracted from the road which I guess makes sense but just wondering on what anyone thinks.

I'm the main driver & will often be in the car alone with baby so am looking for some reassurance by getting one but if they will be more of a hindrance than anything else then maybe I shouldn't.

Thank you

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Hello ☺️ I loved having a mirror and never felt like it was distracting. I wasn’t the most confident mother when he was born though and panicked a lot, so having a mirror helped ease that.

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That's so helpful thank you, I think I may invest in one as even though she's not here yet I'm already thinking how anxious I'll be 🙈

I’m personally buying one because I’ll be solo driving about and I’d need to be able to see if bub is asleep or awake or how bad they’re crying etc, if you can have incar sat navs that display texts etc and know when it’s safe to use that, I’m pretty confident I know when it’s safe to look at my baby xx

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That's very true I didn't think of it that way regarding the sat nav x

I still use mine now as you can check at traffic lights, traffic etc. Just peace of mind when driving alone with baby

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Definitely, thank you

We still don’t have one at 4 months, in his car seat he either sleeps or “babbles” he cries when we’re dead still cause he hates the car seat. Maybe wait until the kid is born, they all have different temperaments

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That's true

I was the same as Blue

My baby is 9 weeks and the car seat mirror is a life saver every day. If I can't see my baby in the car I always worry about him, or panic that he has slumped and can't breathe, so it really puts my mind at rest to have the mirror.

Personally I'm more distracted without it than I am with it!

Plus he can see me in it which he loves, and he sits there smiling at my reflection and it's super cute

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Bless that's so cute.

I'm also a panicker even on a good day 🙈 so defo seems worth a purchase x

I felt it beneficial to have one. I had a few issues with angle of the isofix car seat base causing baby’s head to drop forward (had to remove it and just use the seat belt to strap his seat in eventually) so the mirror really helped me keep an eye on him.

It obviously depends how easily distracted you are but it’s just a quick glance like you would in your other mirrors. I’ve seen people turning around to look at their kid which is obviously worse!

Do check out the reviews first. I just picked one up from Halfords and it’s ok but a bit hard to keep in place and sometimes slips down so I can’t see him any more.

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Thank you, that's one of the thoughts I had regarding their head slumping forward. Will defo have a look for the best one x

Definitely one of the best things I bought. I love looking at him and I feel so much better knowing I can see him. I got one second hand for £5 d

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Thank you, will be sure to research for the best one x

For me it's a must have. We started off without a mirror and I found myself becoming anxious whenever my little girl would go quiet, sometimes to the point I'd need to pull over to check on her. With the mirror I can just have a quick glance to check on her.

Also, on occasions where she is becoming fussy or upset I find that briefly making eye contact with her in the mirror and speaking to her can calm her down and help to avoid screams which are far more distracting when trying to drive.

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Thank you, I like the idea of little one making eye contact too for their reassurance x

Yes very worth it for me. It gave me piece of mind driving with my son at the back now 9 months, I have used this from birth pretty much. I am think he also uses it to look at me occasionally now too, which is nice both ways. I literally just glance at it while maybe at a red light and continue my journey.

I purchased this one:

My husband will be purchasing one for his own car too, so that he can feel more confident taking solo trips and now my baby will soon be starting nursery too.

Hope this helps a little.

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Thank you lovely, this is very helpful x

I love my car seat mirror. I often do long drives alone and it just gives that little reassurance she’s ok when I’m half way down the motorway. The only thing that I hadn’t thought of is that it’s useless at night (sounds so obvious but never occurred to me?) but perfect for driving in daylight. I got a royal rascals one from amazon for £10 and I think it’s really good. Good luck with your little one :) xxx

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Thank you lovely, I'm not confident driving at night yet so thankfully don't have to worry about that but do worry as it will just be us two in the car mainly whilst partner is at work & older daughter is at school. I'm so anxious anyway it's terrible but think with all the feedback I'm definitely going to make a purchase xx

We have one and I wouldn’t be without it. So much reassurance when driving on your own, I’ve never found it distracting just don’t look at it when there’s traffic/you’re moving etc x

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Thank you x

I have one, if anything it just gives you peace of mind. Plus bubba loves looking at himself in the mirror at times 😂

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Bless him so cute. Defo been convinced now x

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