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20 weeks pregnant and have cough and cold what is safe to take?


20 weeks pregnant with a cough and cold. What is safe to take?

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Hello, I didn’t take any medication when I had a cold a few weeks past. Hot water in a bowl with a towel worked well for me. Hope you feel better soon! xx

Ghhb in reply to Cookie_92

Thankyou will try that. Xx

Paracetamol is totally safe in pregnancy. Try honey & lemon warmed up for the cough- my late gran swore by it I think it’s better than cough medicine! Hot steamy baths as well as lady above suggested hot water in a bowl with a towel over your head can clear sinuses. Ice lollies are good for soothing sore throats. Keep your fluids up too. Rest as much as you are able to! Hope you feel better soon xxx

Ghhb in reply to jess1981

Thanks will definitely have lemon tea. I don't like honey but will try lemon. Xx

Hi there, I would agree with comments above. If you have a cough this is a coronavirus symptom - have you arranged a test and isolating in the meantime?

Take care.

Ghhb in reply to Pasaeoco01

Hi I don't have continuous cough.. I have had a test done a few days ago at work so will find out results.. My little girl was poorly with fever and cold she was poorly for 2 days was tested asap and got negative for covid. I think it's a common cold... I can taste food I don't have high fever don't have continuous cough.

I had a cold last year whilst pregnant, particularly a sore throat and the best thing I found was hot ribena, one of the pharmacy assistants reccomended it and can honestly say it really helped, plus its yummy. Feel better soon.

I didn’t take this as luckily didn’t have a cold but have a look at lemsip... is that jist paracetamol?

SCsquared in reply to Bailey135

Unfortunately Lemsip isn’t safe in pregnancy due to the decongestants.

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