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Vaping and pregnancy


Are there any moms who struggled to stop smoking during pregnancy ? I use a vape and finding it real hard to quit , any tips to quit , and any tips to decrease the craving ?

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Hey lovely! I used to smoke 20 a day until I found out I was pregnant. I cut myself down to 3-4 a day and I had the smoking group call me and give me some advice and patches. The patches really work for me. Although If I get stressed I have a fag (which I feel extremely guilty about). Give your midwife a call and ask if they can refer you to a smoking class. Someone calls you each week and will prescribe smoking patches etc. It’s a start! Good luck xx

Lovegal in reply to SwGA

Yes I feel guilty as well because every once and a while I’ll go for my vape and I know it’s not right which is why I’m trying to replace it with another habit like chewing gum or eating sunflower seeds . They both help but never too long 😢

Hello! I vaped but gave up straight away. It was tough as I had been a smoker for years and a vaper for two years. It also didn’t help that my husband didn’t give up vaping.

I replaced the vape with eating carrot sticks (would have been hard boiled sweets but I couldn’t stand the sweet taste anymore) I also didn’t allow my husband or anyone to vape or smoke near me. I’d say the cravings went after a month and only then did I actually throw my vape away and now I can’t stand the smell of it at all. I’ve heard that there are also some hypnotherapy sound tracks on you tube that can help, one of my friends had great success with that.

Good luck, take one day at a time! And congratulations on your pregnancy:)

Lovegal in reply to NAME14

It’s very tough. I’m trying to not go for my vape as much but I get very anxious. I’ve been trying to chew gum or eat sunflower seeds(to replace it with another habit) but it verrrrry hard. Thanks for the advice , maybe I’ll try vegetables and see where that gets me and Thankyou so much 😁

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