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Movements in pregnancy


Good morning ladies

I’m 22+3 weeks with baby no 2 and a anterior placenta.. I just wondered if it’s normal for baby to have quiter days In the womb I have days where I feel defined movements and some days not so much iv rang medicom who have said they won’t monitor movement until 28 weeks because baby is still small and has a lot of room to move around I’m just after some reassurance really iv had a really couple of stressful weeks at work and worrying I may of harmed baby :(


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I don't think I felt consistent movements until about 30 weeks. I had a couple of times I was worried before that but I found when I was at work I wasn't concentrating on feeling movements, if I was worried I'd have a bath when I got home and really concentrate on movements for a while, it usually was only a few minutes before I felt him!

Very normal. Not much of a consistent pattern until later on. Also with an anterior placenta.might feels him less as it acts as a cushion.

Hope that helps

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