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Gripe Water...


I'm just wondering what everyone's experiences were with gripe water. I'm reluctant to give it to my little one. Has this helped any one else's baby with wind/colic/discomfort?

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I tried it with my first and it worked but I preferred using infacol. It worked so much better and tastes better for them too xx

I also preferred infacol, I know they used to always use gripe water when I was a kid (33 years ago lol)

I tried it, he was sick!

I've ordered some Mama Earth tummy rub, it's the same stuff but you rub it on their belly so much better.

I can't believe how strong the Gripe Water tastes!

I found that infacol made my little boy sick and he would cry every time we gave him it too as he hated the taste. Tried him with gripe water and he loves it (I give it to him via syringe as he's breast fed), and it doesnt make him sick. His wind comes up so much better than with infacol too.

All babies are different though. The bottles aren't that costly, I get mine for about £4 so worth a try xx

I haven't tried it, but I think it's more for calming down the parents.

For wind the best thing is putting the baby on the stomach, massaging or holding the baby under the knees to help them pee or poo.

As for colic - nobody knows where it originates, the doctors believe it has nothing to do with the guts or stomach.

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