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Down syndrome screening


Hi all, would anyone mind sharing their Down syndrome results ( 1 in xxx). I’ve just received mine as lower risk but I’d feel better if I come put in into context and know the end results for women. Thanks.

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My little girl is a year old, I don't remember the number but it was low risk and she does not have downs syndrome.

1 in 3,504 - low risk. I fretted slightly over this until I read someone put it into context: imagine you have a bag of smarties, 1 yellow and 3,504 blue - the chances of you picking the yellow smartie would be pretty low. My daughter does not have downs syndrome.

I was initially classed as high risk, 1 in 118, so went for the nipt test, (non intrusive test just bloods again) and the results came back as low risk (it was something like a 0.2% chance the test was wrong or something stupidly small) and my baby was born without downs x

I was told good was 1 in 78 for my age which was 41, mine came back as 1 in 11 so very high risk.

Failed amniocentesis test as couldn't get any fluid.

So paid privately for a NIPTS blood test and results came back fine.

20 week scan looked good too and I'm now due for induction this Saturday if nothing happens before.

To put into perspective someone told me if 1 in 78 will have downs 77 will not which is a half glass full way of looking at it.

Good luck xx

Thanks all. Although it says low risk, it’s much more reassuring to hear real encounters from you all x

I've just had a little boy 3 months ago mine was low risk and he was born with down syndrome

Downs syndrome was 1 in 1011 for me.x

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