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Possible ovulation?


Hi ladies, hope everyone is keeping well and safe! I’m a FTM to a 10mth old baby boy and my husband and I are starting to plan for our second. Only problem is I’m EBF and still haven’t got my period since my last pregnancy so not even sure if I’m ovulating yet. I took an ovulation test this morning and can’t tell whether that’s a positive or not. Would love to get what you ladies make of the test x

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I would say no. I’ve used strips like this and when you are at peak ovulation it’s literally like a pregnancy test and two dark lines the same. I think I can see a faint line so I would keep testing for the next few days. My ovulation can be weeks out every month so always have to test for ages to get two dark lines x

Thanks! I thought the sane so will keep testing in the next couple of days 🤞🏻

Good luck 🤞🏻 x

The control line and the test line have to both be super dark, ideally the TL darker than the CL, faint positives don’t exist with ovulation strips, I used the same brand when I was TTC and they do work xx

Babybliss19 in reply to cmbxm

Thanks! I’ll just have to keep testing and keep my fingers crossed x

I wasn't able to conceive whilst breastfeeding. Never got a period in 14&18mnoths even at one feed at night. Of course might not the same with you. After stopping breastfeeding completely got a period within the month and pregnant with no. 2 straight away.

That’s amazing that you got preggers straight away once you stopped breastfeeding. Don’t think my little one is planning on stopping anytime soon so might be away for us then 🤞🏻

I got my periods back after 9 months. I am still BF my 20 month old and I'm also 8.5 weeks pregnant. Keep trying with the tests, you may get through a lot of them to start with! Good luck x

Thanks hun, and huge congrats on the pregnancy!!

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