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Introducing first solids


Hi Mommies

My baby is 5 months old now, when to start solids to him, how much quantity do I need to give initial days, how to know he is ready for solids or not. Am first time mom so no idea what I have to feed first, what items can I choose for him, to ease bowels .he is on formula milk, once we introduce solids how many times do I need to feed milk, now he will take only 5 feeds.can anyone guide me please

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You're probably better off reading up on weaning somewhere like the nhs start right pages and going from there. There's lots of different methods of weaning, whether you do baby led or purees etc. You have to choose what's best for you and your baby.

Up until 1 milk should be their main food source and food is just for fun, so I wouldn't swap any food for milk until at least for a few months as they really don't eat much. My little girl cut down very naturally, she was still offered milk whenever she wanted it but given food at meal times. If baby is full from a meal and doesn't show hunger cues for milk or won't take it when offered, then maybe cut that bottle out when the time comes, but I wouldn't worry about the exact amounts or timings.

I think reading up on it is definitely good, also ask your health visitor when their next solids workshop is they should have one every few weeks.

When you first start you should offer milk first and carry on as normal and introduce food second, in the start the baby might only have a few teaspoons, then a few tablespoons and eventually you'll be thinking gosh they'll eat anything anytime haha

Hi. We started off with pureed carrots but he didn't even have a tea spoon. It will come slowly but surely.

Once we got in the swing of things I started to batch cook food and freeze it in little containers . Makes life a lot easier. I got recipes off the Internet x

I started giving my baby solids a week before he turned 6 months and a few weeks on we are making slow but steady progress.

I had all the questions you have and found excellent advice on the NHS website and also Ilona Bendefy's 'The day-by-day baby book' and the BabyBuddy app.

Beware of the well-intentioned older generation and do it your way; it is your baby and you know best. I allowed my mother to interfere with her system from the 80s and it was a disaster.

Good luck, you've got this!

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