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Hashimoto's and Thyroxine


Hi ladies, I hope everyone is doing well.

I've got hashimoto's and was started on 25mcg levo by my fertility doc 4 years ago, managed to get a natural BFP 2 years ago that sadly needed in MC. 2 years later got BFP with IVF and currently 32+ weeks. Levo was upped to 50mcg and all been fine.

The thing I'm worrying about is my endocrine doc wants to stop my levo 6 weeks post partum because 'I wont need it'. My argument is that I'd like to have another baby soon after this little lady (hopefully not wishful thinking 🤣) and dont want to stop the meds and restart (as who will even Px me this) and then get all of the awful side effects (which are non existent now) again and wait for it to get into my system, putting my fertility at risk, age 34.

My question really is....is anyone or has anyone been in the same position? I was originally told I was started on levo to regulate my periods, which it did (hence me stopping it in pregnancy last time and likely cause of MC) but wondered if hashimoto's should be constantly treated? As I have been told that I will eventually develop hypothyroidism, the same as my sister.

Got a clinic appt tomorrow so will obviously ask the doc this, but want to be armed with some info/other ppls experience before I go and have to beg for them to keep me on it. Despite being a nurse I go into full patient mode when the tables have turned and just nod and agree 🤣

If you're still reading then thanks for listening 💞 xx

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Requirements for thyroxine do go up and then down again post partum. Do they mean decrease the dose or remove it completely? Normally you would be guided by blood tests. Definitely worth discussing your concerns with your endocrinologist tho.

To check at 6 weeks and remove I think x

I was on 137.5 mcg of levo, when I got pregnant, I was told to up my dosage by 30%, by the gp and the midwife even before the bloodtests. But after pregnancy I would have to reduce it to my original dose. Your TSH and T4 may go out of whack if you are taking more than you need. Trust what the gp and endocrinologist says :)

I'm only on 50mcg but it had risen slightly but still under 2. Hopefully they will just monitor x

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