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Anyone here with gestational diabetes taking insulin?


I have gestational diabetes and it has been difficult to manage with tablets alone. Although I have a balanced diet. Now taking insulin 6 units with each meal. How much insulin do you take? How do you manage with craving? 😔

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Your health care team should have explained to you how much insulin to use as it's based on your meals and blood sugar levels. No one can really help you by telling you what they take as your carbohydrate intake might be completely different, you might weigh different or have different levels of exercise which will all affect your blood sugar levels.

If you're unsure of how much insulin to take call your diabetes team and get them to go through it again.

What cravings are you having? Is there a way to have lower sugar or low can versions? Difficult to give any suggestions without knowing what you're craving.

Sanlare in reply to Seb9

I have been with my doctor last week. I just would like to see how others are doing and if I'm the only one who have higher reading. I know how much insulin I can take. Just wondering if others are managing and get some ideas.


Currently on metformin twice a day and 30 units of insulin at night for the last 9 weeks .

There are Facebook groups and websites which can give recipes if you Google gduk which I've found really helpful even being allergic to dairy also.

The 1st couple of weeks were hard but you soon get used to what you're body can tolerate, however this does change during your pregnancy so please don't stress if your readings change and you need more medications.

I spent many hour frustrated and in tears at the beginning but you must eat for you and baby.

Thankfully my journey is nearly over now.

Good luck xx

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