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Pregnancy chat ,first purchase made


Hi loves I’ve posted earlier about having a misscarrige and when to buy I’m 17 weeks now and I’ve made a purchase it must be a positive sign has anyone as early as me purchased anything yet I don’t have my scan till end of month

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I’ve been buying since 12/13 weeks cos I haven’t been able to help myself, what did you end up buying? xx

Afrohair in reply to cmbxm

Only a little pillow for feeding but it’s a lovely design found it difficult because of my past feel like I don’t want to get my hopes up saw some baby grows but scared to get them lol

cmbxm in reply to Afrohair

Aww that’s such a big step tho! Keep us updated at your 20 week scan, I’ll be sending prayers/positive vibes (whatever floats your boat) and hope everything is okay and that you can begin to enjoy this pregnancy ❤️

Afrohair in reply to cmbxm

Thanks so much ❤️


I’m pregnant from IVF and although I’ve never experienced a miscarriage I had 3 failed rounds before this one stuck so I understand a bit where you are coming from.

I was a bit superstitious like you I didn’t buy any baby stuff until after my anomaly scan but I was browsing online and researching before. I didn’t even buy maternity clothes until my 12 week scan and I really needed bigger bras haha.

It’s a really personal thing so whenever you feel comfortable that’s when you should start buying.

Best of luck at the scan


Afrohair in reply to EmGLA

I’m sorry you had failed rounds that must have been soo hard for you I can’t imagine how that would feel for you I’ve only started buying maternity now but if I’m honest I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I went to a charity shop and bought big sizes I was like that forcing myself not to but I’ve come to a point I need them especially as I’ve kept it secret till now even my other kids just think I’ve put weight on lol

I bought quite a bit of stuff just to spread the costs from as early as 6 weeks pregnancy. My friend was selling her cot and I got an amazing 2nd hand pram/travel system. I also got a high chair and next to me cot. At 13 weeks I had to have a medical termination as my baby was diagnosed with acrania. This had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I bought baby items! I know that people are superstitious but I am not. Just buying an item does not mean it will have an effect on what is going to happen to your baby.

I had to go through labour and give birth to my baby. It was a horrible time but I never once thought this is because I bought baby stuff.

I feel really prepared now for when I get pregnant again and try again. I have most of the stuff I need :)

I wish you the best of luck with this pregnancy xxx

Afrohair in reply to Nottsgirl

Aww like you said I’m very superstitious and bought things last pregnancy and my baby died so you can understand my experience. I don’t think I could go through it I couldn’t keep the stuff like you have done that would take me some guts I would be superstitious about it .And would get rid of it.ive been through terrible labour with my baby at almost 13 weeks I gave birth at home in my bed blood everywhere.i would always think I bought too early but that’s just my mind set right now as my little girl I waited till 20 week so I guess it’s psychological Sorry you had such a hard experience termination or misscarrige is very hard for all women and we all deal with it differently x

Nottsgirl in reply to Afrohair

Yes definitely and whatever makes you feel comfortable. Pregnancies are so tough but this forum is so good. I have learnt so much and it is great space to be able to ask questions xx

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