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Gripe water... yes or no?!


what’s the general consensus on using gripe water... my baby girl is 5 weeks, have been using infacol but not having much effect, looking at other options.

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I always used that on my little ens I’ve had 3 pregnant with 4th

funandgames in reply to Afrohair

thanks, what age from and for how long?

Afrohair in reply to funandgames

Can’t remember exact ages I know they was only small just check the bottle on what age it recommends and I’m sure it will be fine I used it for a long time with all my babies except the last one who didn’t need it x

Hi, I used to find infacol made my little girls tummy worse but gripe water was fab and worked for us. I know everyone is different but you can only try it. X

thanks, i must say i thought after nearly 2 weeks of infacol it would have been results which is why i’m thinking we should try something different. what ages and for how long did you use gripe water for?

Try it, it can’t hurt. I would also really recommend probiotics, they don’t work instantaneously but will after some time.

funandgames in reply to Blue1986

thanks, what kind of probiotics would you recommend ?

Blue1986 in reply to funandgames

Biogaia worked for us

Is baby formula or breastfed? Cows Milk can cause upset stomach, which gives baby wind and start pulling there legs up to the chest, crying, inconsolable etc

We used colief. It worked very well whereas gripe water had little effect.

I use both, but the gripe water in the early evening just before witching hour!

I used gripe water to start with but switched to dentinox and found it worked better for my son x

We used Colief and found it very good, but didn’t really see any results from gripe water xx

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