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Light Brown Discharge/Possibly pregnant ?


Hello, new here. I think I could possibly be pregnant. I’ve missed my period last month, took a few test but negative. I’ve experienced light changes, but nothing dramatic that made me feel like I’m 100% pregnant. So I waited till this month to retest, I haven’t yet but I was suppose to get my period this week. I’ve been feeling light period like cramps the past few days which isn’t consistent and about twice a day that lasted less than 5 minutes each. Today I’ve experienced a light brown squishy discharge. Never had this happen to me. Could that be normal? I haven’t experienced any bleeding or severe pains. I also don’t have health insurance so I can’t go get checked. Hubby believes that I could be pregnant. Any advice?

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Take another test, it's the only way you will know, us lot on the internet can't tell you either way! X

as suggested, take another test, it's the only way. Use a sensitive one so you're sure it's accurate. I had a similar experience when I got pregnant, and I thought that the brown discharge was my period. But then I tested few days later and it was positive. Test again! Good luck!

Ramir12 in reply to TheSeal

Awesome. Will do. I’ll take one next week and I’ll let you know the result. Thank you.

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