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Problems co-sleeping with baby disturbing toddler

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Don’t know if any one has any ideas, my baby starts off in his cot but usually joins me and my toddler sometime in the night. I practice demand feeding so sleep training is not on the cards. However at a certain point which is way to early for me and my daughter to be up he decides it’s time to party and starts attacking his sister to play with her. Obviously this is not fair on her and I try to keep one on each side, often to no avail, equally sometimes he will snuggle in with his sister and go back to sleep . Anyways I wonder if someone has a suggestion for how to deal with it)

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How old is your toddler? Could you not try and get her in her own bed? That would be the logical answer (although not necessarily the easiest!) x

She’s old enough but they would still be in the same room and I’m sure he would just figure it out and find her.

Couldn't you carry on co sleeping with the baby for now and just move the toddler.

I think maybe you just need to bite the bullet. Lots of siblings share bedrooms, may be better to get them sharing sooner rather than later x

I would transfer the toddler in another bed and cosleep with the baby if breastfeeding on demand.

I don't have 2 so no idea but would one of those mesh guards you attach to the bed for bed sharing help keep our the toddler if she moved to a bed pushed up against yours and the baby was in with you ? Good luck . Theres a great woman on insta you could look up who is a sleep consultant pro bed sharing who might have some suggestions ?

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