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Constantly doing tests


I think with my past history I feel like until the scan I won’t stop worrying!

Anyone else feel like this

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I did so many tests with my 2nd pregnancy after my miscarriage. I got embarrassed going to my local shop so ended up ordering some on line. I couldn't stop worrying until my scan, I ended up having an early scan at 11 weeks as I had some bleeding. I could not believe when the sonographer said that everything was fine and there was a little hand waving around.

Mammyoftwolove in reply to Seb9

Aw that’s great news everything was ok! I feel until I get that confirmation am going to be the same 🤦🏼‍♀️

I was like this after my miscarriage. My husband took the piss all the time but they reassured me that everything was ok. I must have taken about 50 with each of my successful pregnancies!xx

Aw wow! I feel I am going to be the same at this rate my partner says to me it’s not going to change stop worrying m! But I really can’t help it 🙈

Yip, I’m obsessed with peeing on sticks, and I will until I get to that scan 🙈


Trust me when I say you ain’t on your own - I must of spent over £100 on tests, especially the clear blue that actually comes up & says pregnant, it was the assurance I needed constantly. Congratulations. X

Mammyoftwolove in reply to Errxo


I tested alot with our first bfp and this pregnancy didn't work out and to watch it fade was heartbreaking. For my sanity, with our second bfp I tested 3 times and then left it at that, I just thought that what will be will be. And my little frostie is currently wriggling around on my chest as we speak. All the best, you can do this ❤️ xxx

Aw am so sorry! Aw that’s great❤️ I think I am going to take a break now I have an early scan booked with hospital for next month so fingers crossed 🤞🏼 ❤️

I did them all the time until my first scan af 6 weeks and then probably every other day until 9 week scan and then just a couple between my 9 and 12 week scan 😂 same with my last pregnancy and my first pregnancy until my 2nd scan confirmed miscarriage. Thankfully my husband understood my need to test and supported my addiction wurg multiple trips to the shop for me 😂

Think this is normal or at least it's what I did with pregnancy following miscarriages. I used the digital tests to see it go from 1-2, 2-3 and then 3+ I then went for a scan at 7 weeks, 12weeks, 14weeks, 17weeks, 20weeks, 26weeks etc I know its obsessive but it made me feel better 🙈🙈 xx

It’s really is! Well my scan I booked for next month... I will be around 8 weeks by that time... I think until then I am just going to test every other day🙈

It really does just seeing it come up strong and almost straight away it just a relief feeling 🙈

Have a private scan! For peace of mind it costs around £45 and it’s so lovely to see/hear the heartbeat

I have an appointment for the begging of next month I will only be around 8 weeks then so I think now would be to early x

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