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Dairy allergy in 10 week old and possibly reflux?

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My daughter is 10 weeks and has been struggling for at least a month with what seems like reflux. She initially had a big rash over her face, chest, neck back however this went after I went dairy free so it seems like an allergy. However she has also got a snorty snotty sounding nose, a massively bloated tummy and seems to be really struggling processing food and going to the toilet. We have been using baby gaviscon and lactose for some time and just seemed to get worse (we are now trying a new medicine and laxative) the gaviscon is known to give constipation i so don't know if that's causing that. She is also crying out of the blue for what seems like nothing... I'm not sure why.

Is this something you have come across before? Is it still allergy related or reflux? Perhaps it's she teething a well as a another issue?

Thanks for your help! :)

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Has she been diagnosed with a cows mild protein Allergy ? Have you completely cut out any formula made from cows milk ? Try Aptamil pepti or nutramagen .

It could also be colic .. crying out of the blue for no reason ! Have you tried infacol in her bottles?

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She's exclusively BF which would lead me to think it's something in my diet coming through.. Or my own lactose. She's not been officially diagnosed with anything but when I cut out the dairy in my diet she did seem to get better and the rash disappeared. But she's still got a very swollen tummy and gets upset and wriggles and brings her knees to her chest when processing and trying to poo. I was worried the medication is just making her reflux worse and actually the real reason she's still upset is because of something to do with her bowels perhaps still an allergy. It's just hard to say. Yeah I'm using infacol before each feed but I don't think it's making much difference, plus she always gets worse in the evening.


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Hi Amy, sorry your having difficulty I sympathise. Do you have much soy as well by any chance? I've got a reflux baby with possible suspected allergies and soy seemed to be a trigger for her too. Apparently it can be a partner allergy to milk . Yes we had to limit the Gaviscon massively. Sounds like you have a colicky baby too. And your definitely sure it's not tongue tie? I say that because mine was missed in my little girl. Good luck !

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Hi Laura

I don't know if I'm honest it's not something I've been checking for on my food.. Perhaps I should try cutting soy out and see how she does. Yeah Gaviscon was okay short term but it did more harm than good eventually. I've not considered tongue tie because she feeds really well and doesn't seem to have any trouble with that. Plus she still has the swollen tummy so I think cutting soy might be a good next step.

Thank you! :)

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I noticed it because I don't eat much meat and live with a vegan so it was pretty obvious to me when I was eating soy, and her reflux getting worse afterwards . but it is in a lot of stuff annoyingly. Good luck!

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