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Am I pregnant!

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I am not due my period for 6 days....

but have had sore breasts

Tummy cramps

Feeling sick


And a lot more discharge!

So went and got a test that can detect 5 days before...

I was so shocked but can se such a faint line.

I don’t want to get excited just incase.

But wondering if anyone else has had similar experience and what they would think!

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I can certainly see a faint line - did you read the test within the timeframe and use first wee of the day?

I’d say maybe wait a few more says and re-test. Perhaps a pink dye test which seem to be more reliable from what I’ve heard.

Good luck!

Yes that came up almost straight away! I am just going to leave it till the day of my period I think now and re test.❤️


Congrats..!!...I don't think it's a faint's quite dark..."it's big fat positive".... congratulations!!!

Thankyou! Really hoping it’s right was so surprised as my period is still not till 5 days🙈

Is this one of the tests that’s supposed to have a + sign on it if positive? If so, I’m really sorry but I can’t see the line. Maybe try again in a few days xx

Thankyou, but it’s clearly visible + in the first window. Xx

I honestly can’t see it in the picture. Not trying to be negative, I just can’t see it I’m afraid xx

It’s ok but the other people above said they can, also had my mum check at home there definitely a line ❤️

I can see lines, fingers crossed they'll be even darker when you test on the day your period is due xx

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Mammyoftwolove in reply to Seb9

Thankyou me to 🤞🏼

I was sick and felt pregnant within days of conception with all my pregnancies hope it goes well for you


I'm sorry but I cant see the + maybe take another test after you have missed your period as your sore boobs and that might be due to your period x

Took another test this morning pink dye two distinct pink lines Thankyou!💋

Congratulations xx

Great news, congratulations!!x

Super faint but I can see it. I tested about 3 days before I was due and I got the same faint line. Now 10wks along. Congratulations x


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