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Maternity leave

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Does anyone know when you are supposed to start maternity leave I’m on the furlough scheme and my work know I’m pregnant but I’m not sure when I’m to tell them I’m going on maternity I’m due 5th feb

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You need to ask for their maternity policy. At my job the earliest you can start is at 29 weeks up until the day you give birth. So it's up to you basically, however you might be expected to go back to work when furlough ends before starting mat. Leave.

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Normally in the UK you can take from 11 weeks before your due date, the government website has a date calculator so you can work out when you can go on leave from. It'll come off your total weeks so you need to weigh up how early you'd want to go back to work after your baby. I worked up to 2 weeks before my due date but you can finish earlier or later. If you're on furlough I guess it'll depend if the scheme carries on till February, you leave your maternity right till your due date if you're not actually going to work, but you run the risk of being called in when you don't want to be.

Hi, when i gave my MatB1 form I told my employers then when I was going on mat leave via email but also explained if my situation changes I will inform the 8 weeks in advance (if I could - im a nanny so didn't know if I could manage until the date I originally gave which was 4 week before baby is due)

Like yourself I was on furlough but was expected to return to work before my mat leave started but I guess it all depends on your employer x

My friend is pregnant and on furlough. She’s leaving going on maternity leave as late as possible, but it’s easier for her as she’s due in September. Most people tend to go on maternity leave a month before their due date but it really depends on the kind of pregnancy you’re having, the job you do etc. If your employer knows your pregnant maybe discuss it with them if you can, especially if they already have an idea of how long they intend to keep staff furloughed for x

I went on leave 2 weeks before my due date as I wanted as much time with baby and they might not arrive till several weeks after your due date. I work in an office so wasnt an issue working that late. Its completely up to you though.

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Mine is a planned c section of you have it early do you have to come back early

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You get up to 52 weeks maternity leave, so whenever you choose to start your leave, that's how long you can take off. So you have to decide if you want longer off before baby or after baby is here.

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If you have your baby earlier than maternity leave was planned to start then it starts from when you have the baby. If you were using your whole allowance then you would have to go back earlier than originally planned

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Like what others have said it depends on type of work, employed full time, bank or agency. I work in the hospital and there’s a new policy for pregnant women to stop working @ 28 weeks due to the current pandemic going on. All the best and take care of yourself xx

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Hiya love it’s sorted now thanks x

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