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Day 32 of cycle and still no period

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Hey I’m pretty new to all this stuff I have endometriosis so I thought having kids was out of the question but my cycles have become somewhat “regular” between 25 and 30 days in the last 6 months so getting a period every month which prompted me to start tracking them...

I wasn’t actively trying for kids due to the endometriosis but I had my last period from 26th to 31st July I’ve had sex since then unprotected but since day 13 I got spotting for 4/5 days then following that I’ve had loads of weird symptoms which is nothing like my usual PMS I get excruciating pain from endo and I’ve had none of that just mild cramping along with the following:

Bloating, constipation, metallic taste in my mouth, fatigue, sore boobs, craving for chocolate (I’m usually a savoury person) and sometimes feeling sick with some acid reflux - what does everyone think should I take a test to make sure I did one on like a week after it said my period was due but I don’t know if I can trust the prediction (I think it was day 24 of my cycle) as my cycles are all over the place! This test came up negative which upset me a little bit...

I was thinking if I get to the weekend and there’s still no period then I would test but I’m so bothered about it coming back negative 😓 all these symptoms must mean something right?

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Sorry you're having a rough time at the minute. I have endo but only mild I think as only found out due to a cyst on a scan whilst pregnant naturally (MC) when turned out to be an endometrioma. For years my periods have been between 25 and 36 days so tracking ovulation was hard. I only fell once in those 4 years, but after 2 years I was found to have athyroid condition called Hashimotos (antibodies attacking my thyroid), I was put onto levothyroxine and my periods settled immediately to around 28 to 29 days and 2 yrs later I fell pregnant.

Long story but have you had your thyroid checked? It's a massive reason for infertility. Evidence shows that it can take up to a year to fall pregnant tho and after that, a referral to the fertility team may be helpful for you xx

Yeah I have had my thyroid checked and it’s normal I do have lupus though which is an autoimmune disease but it is controlled through medication well they are still seeing if it’s working it can take 12 months to properly take effect but the medication has no effect on pregnancy.

I know my chances are limited with the meds etc I am on but I just don’t know why I’m feeling so strange my mum also said when I told her my symptoms she said it sounds like when I was pregnant with you which made me think more about the possibility of pregnancy. I had surgery for endo 3 years ago and it took a while to get regular cycles before this life was hell but I’m not getting my hopes up. If I test on Friday I will be on day 34 providing I have no period between now and then. Would it come back positive if it’s been that long? Xx

Ah yeah, auto immune disease isnt great on fertility is it. How many days late would that make you in your longest cycle xx

Erm longest cycle is 30 days I’m now at 32 so 33 tomorrow I think I’m going to do a test because it’s driving me mad

Go for it! Put your mind at rest.xx

Okay so I did a test it was a clear blue one and it came back negative but I still don’t have any period! I’m so confused... should I book an appointment with my GP? I’m now on day 38 of my cycle but I ordered some more tests they should come tomorrow I just don’t know what to do! Xx

Sometimes stress can make you miss periods but it could be something else. Maybe make an appt with your gp and see how the tests go. Pregnancy tests can usually detect a pregnancy from the day of a missed period, however, pink line tests are better than blue. Hope you get sorted hun xx

Thank you lovely I think I might just make an appointment with the doctor and see what’s going on because I’ve had a lot go on recently in my life but that’s been since April and my periods were regular then it just confuses me so much xx

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