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Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative test result

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Hi All,

I am little confused and scared. I am feeling very tired, have nausea and cramping for a few days last week. I am due on the 30th, so no missed period as yet. I feel pregnant like I did with my first but this morning I did a pregnancy test (Early response ) and it was negative.

I know I should wait but now I'm worried that something else is wrong.

Has anyone else been through this and had a positive outcome

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Could it just be PMS if you're due on? Pregnancy symptoms and PMS can be very similar. If you've not missed your period yet, you could just have tested to early.

If youe period doesn't come and you're still getting negative tests, then maybe contact your GP to see if you can get a check up as to why your period hasn't come good luck x

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Harnah in reply to Seb9

I'm starting to think that now. Disappointed as we want number 2 now.

So 2 days before im due on. Thought what the hell do a test and positive result!!! So excited 😁

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Seb9 in reply to Harnah

Yay congratulations 👍❤️

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Harnah in reply to Seb9

Thank you so much

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