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Am I having a miscarriage

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I believe I am pregnant although the tests say negative the signs and my body is telling me different 2kids already anyways about an hour ago I started heavily bleeding and having really bad stomach cramps. The blood is very dark red almost like a red brown and black all mixed into one. Been trying for a baby since Feb 😭💔 pic of my belly and can take a pic of the blood if you want me to

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Could it just be your period? Would it be the right dates? Pregnancy"l symptoms can be similar to pms/period symptoms. A bloated tummy doesn't mean pregnancy either. If it wasn't just bloating you would be having a positive test.

It's difficult when you are trying to conceive to but since 6m. Is not an unusual time frame.

When was your period due to start? My belly always bloats out when I am due to start my period so it could be your period is starting. It's very unlikely your pregnant if you had a negative test. If you still feel like your pregnant then contact your gp and have a chat with them see what they say xx

I am sort of going through the same but I'm not bleeding and my period is 16 days late but 2 negative test and I suffer with pcos.

The bleeding might be start of your period,and your belly bloating up could be your period as well. if you've had a negative test then its unlikely your pregnant because even if you was having a miscarriage you would still get a faint positive. But every women knows their body and if you think your pregnant then maybe it's worth talking to you gp about it x

When was your last period? To get negative tests I’d say no to pregnancy probably just your period and a bloated belly.

Last proper period was back in may I came off the defo in Feb had a period beginning of march April and in may then nothing till now. It's not just bloating I had people asking when I'm due. Im being sick proper tired but can't sleep backache weeing X10 more swollen feet loss of appetite and really sore boobs which have got bigger. I'm confused I don't know I want it so badly and I had a miscarriage 10 years ago back in April I just feel like it's happening all over again

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I would contact your GP, if you're test is showing negative than it could be something other than pregnancy that is causing your bloating and pains.

This could are be depo side effects. It's can take up to a year for the depo to come out of your system completely.

Thankyou I'm booked in with a nurse on Friday next nearest appointment so will hopefully get some answers xx

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