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Attending a funeral at 8 weeks pregnant.


I’m sorry if this sounds stupid.

My grandpa recently passed away & my dad has given me a few options- 1)to just attend the service, 2) attend service & wake 3) not to go & he will explain to his brother in confidence I’m pregnant.

Some relatives are from central London so there is potential risk of COVID19. Im lucky I’m from the southwest where risk is minimal even so I’ve taken measures such as avoiding shops etc & I’m just a full time mother to a 14 month old daughter. I literally just walk my daughter once a day apart from that I’ve been at home.

I don’t know what the risks are with COVID19 & pregnancies.

I would hate to risk anything happening.

My husband will probably just say it’s “my choice “ which doesn’t help!

Any advice appreciated.

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Personally I’d try and see if it’s possible to see him at the funeral home before the service as it’s leaving to say goodbye privately, that way you aren’t going to be at risk of people not social distancing xx

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Thank you for the advice, I think I do need to be cautious. Going to chew it over with my hubby but think I’ll go to the service ( with a mask on) & miss the wake. xxx

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I don't feel many mixing with a few people is a good idea if you're pregnant!

I also feel that any low or negative feeling should be kept away from.

I’d still go to say goodbye . But maybe sit towards the back of the funeral procession if that makes sense. That way then your still there with your family and your still able to say goodbye. X

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Thank you. I’m leaning towards going to service with a mask on & skip the wake ( use getting back for Francesca as my excuse ) Hope you & the girls are well & keeping safe xxx

romaluna2015 in reply to Hidden

It’s good your going to go and say goodbye if that makes sense.

We’re all okay thanks on going health problems but apart from that we are good x

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Lovely news.

There is information on the NHS website about covid risk in pregnancy. In a nutshell, pregnant women are to take the same precautions as everyone else, social distance, wash hands, cover nose, mouth etc. They are not more likely to catch it but they may become more unwell due to pregnancy lowering your immune system. No evidence that it causes miscarriage or that mums can pass it on to their unborn child or through delivery.

Would you regret not going? You could wear a mask and sit away from people. I think funerals are still social distancing anyway? If you're not comfortable with it then don't go.

Hope that helps.

I looked this up today BTW because I'm 5 weeks pregnant! Xx

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Thank you & congratulations on your pregnancy too. 🥳 I think I might go to just the service part wear a mask & skip the wake. Hubby isn’t keen on it at all but will support what I want to do. xxx

Hi Jess

Just to confirm, we’re on the “clinically vulnerable” list (but not “extremely”). As Winter Girl says, nothing too different but we do need to be careful. Do what you will feel in control of. Good luck x

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Thank you. It’s that horrible paranoia if anything goes wrong don’t want to blame myself. I think just going to the service with a mask & skip the wake part. hope you are ok xxx

My midwife has said I am fine to basically carry on as everyone else. Hand washing social distancing etc. Including going to work until my 3rd trimester and then the current guidance was to work from home more and be more careful after that point. You could always check with your midwife as they might have more guidance specific to you, if there is anything else that increases your risk.

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Thank you. I haven’t got a midwife yet in my area you’re not allowed to book to see a midwife until you are 8 weeks or over. I won’t be able to book until Monday. I think my pregnancy is low risk but will be cautious & perhaps only attend the service with a mask & skip the wake which the socialising would happen. That way I get to say goodbye without too much risk xxx

Sounds like a good plan. In my experience there are really strict guidelines for church services now (face masks mandatory for everyone, no singing congregations). And I feel the socialising normally happen after the service, so if you sit in the back you can just leave a little early and as you suggest skip the wake.

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