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Baby movements with anterior placenta

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Hello I wrote on here a few weeks ago about the fact that I had a anterior placenta and hadn’t had any movements yet I’m 18+3 and still haven’t felt nothing for definite im not even sure iv felt flutters or not little one is ok because I was admitted last week and had a scan i’m really really stressing out I managed to stop smoking and stupidly started again because I’m so anxious please don’t pass judgement because iv not posted on any local pages because I know how trolled I will be I’m really struggling xx

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Hi Melanie17,

I have an anterior placenta as well so I know how stressful it can be when you’re desperately waiting for those first movements and you’ve felt nothing!

I didn’t feel anything until I was 21 weeks, literally nothing, not even a flutter so please don’t worry, it’s completely normal. I’m now 33 weeks and the kicking is very strong 🤪


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Thank you Hun that’s really reassuring to no. Xxxx

18 weeks is still early. I felt a definite movement with my first at 20, without an anterior placenta. Youre unlikely to feel anything regular much later than that. I can only detect a pattern with no. 3 around week 28 with an anterior placenta. So actually it is very normal not to feel much at 18 weeks.

The best thing you can do for baby is to relax and try stop smoking again to ensure best outcome for baby.

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Melanie17 in reply to roxannacar

Thank you for replying I’m just after some reassurance my anxiety is through the roof xxx

Hello Melanie

I also have an anterior placenta & know how stressful it can be, honestly you will feel movement although it can be a waiting game, i felt little movements from week 21 but definitely been stronger as weeks go along, sometimes it may be more swishing than kicks but you will feel movement.

I would say to trust your body, if you feel you need some reassurance & get check out 100x over than do so & don't feel bad about it, the midwifes would rather you be assured than worry x

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Thank you for replying iv rang the midwifes and they have basically said the same as all you girls on here I didn’t no if I was over thinking which I am xxxx

I had anterior and didn’t feel anything until 22/23 weeks

I was well into the 20s before I felt movement, can’t remember exactly when. It is tougher feeling them. If you ever have doubt get checked they won’t mind. But definitely normal not to have felt much yet.

I have a high anterior placenta as well, I’m 39 weeks, I didn’t feel much until about 25-30 weeks little butterflies before this time but now I get a good kick and punching.

I felt flutters at 20 weeks and proper kicks maybe a couple of weeks after. Speak to your midwife if you’re anxious, she should be able to give some reassurance x

Hey! I’m currently 23 weeks and have an Anterior Placenta too, I was feeling the same as you as it is my first pregnancy and didn’t know what to expect! However I felt my first kicks/flutters at about 21 weeks and I can feel they are getting a little stronger. Some days I don’t feel them but it’s all very normal. I hope this offers you some reassurance as I know how you are feeling xxx

Hi Melanie,

You’ve had the scan, so you know the baby is okay. You’re anxiety about the baby is affecting your ability to do the best for the baby, worry almost always does more harm than good to foetus’ and children both. And while it’s not for me to comment on your mental health it’s something you need to deal with properly and once the baby comes you will have less and less time. I would see your gp and get as much of the free advice that’s available online so that you can start to take positive steps forward as far as your frame of mind is concerned. Being a mother takes great strength and courage but that’s not something that comes by magic, we have to figure out how to give ourselves these tools. To stay strong and to do the best for our kids starts within us, it’s a hard world to negotiate and if this year has taught us anything it’s that the unforeseen events will happen and they will be worse than we expect. All we can do is keep our heads above water and keep swimming not fill our pockets with rocks. Do get some help and relax, you’re over the worst bit and also there’s not much you can do, you don’t need to start kick counting until much later and for first time mothers the flutters don’t often get felt until later. We don’t have much control during pregnancy except to nourish our bodies which means avoiding alcohol and cigarettes and eating well. Start doing some guided meditation there’s lots on you tube or look into hypnobirthing meditation to get yourself into a position where you can get your anxiety under control. And if it doesn’t work get some professional help because This isn’t doing anyone any good

Don't beat yourself up too much about the smoking. Sometimes it's better to smoke a little bit if it relieves your stress but if it's not helping anyway then you might as well go for a walk around the block or do a bit of positive visualisation/meditation rather than bother smoking. Work out what's best for you, many ladies don't feel movements until after 20 weeks (especially if this is your first baby) anyway so your situation isn't unusual regardless of the position of your placenta 😊 try to keep busy and see if you can recognise when the anxious thoughts are creeping in and distract yourself with another activity. Gentle exercise is good because you'll get some happy hormones flowing. You just need to be slightly out of breath for it to be working. Sending best wishes and try not to worry xx

Hey I didn't feel baby properly until I was well passed 20 weeks, and even then it didn't feel like the kicks I was expecting, it felt more like popcorn popping in there.

Well done on giving up smoking, a little lapse isn't the end of the world. Just don't give up, giving up xx

Hi Melanie17,

I had a anterior placenta too and didn't feel any definite movements until I was about 20/22 weeks. Started off as a butterfly feeling (like I was nervous) then little kicks. Started to feel more when I was about 27 weeks. It is a very anxious time and you do drive yourself crazy particularly on days when they are lazy. My advice is any to contact your midwife if any concerns. Good luck 😘 x

I have an anterior placenta and felt my first movement at 19+6 days. Now I feel the movements all the time (I’m 33 weeks pregnant) midwives advise not to really worry about regular movements until 28 weeks. Xx

I have an anterior placenta I'm 27 weeks today and still don't feel much at all . I was so worried i booked a private scan to make sure everything was ok . .


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