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Bringing partner to scan ok?


Does anyone know if we can bring our partners yet

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Best to contact your midwife or ultrasound dept as it depends on your local policy not a national thing.

my hospital allows partners to the first scan now but believe this differs from region to region so you'll need to check

My hospital are, but it’s best to ring them to check xx

mine isnt 😩

It will depend on your hospital policy best to ask them . mine isn’t so we will try organise private scans so hubby doesn’t miss out too much. xxx

Ours hasn’t and still won’t, my husband isnt even aloud to any midwife appointments at our local GP 😟😔

In Norwich they've just started allowing it again... Now I've had all my scans 😂

In london/hert and essex they're not x

On your hospital notes you have a phone number, so call them and they should tell you a policy,

Hiya loves thanks for responding I think I wanted to know if things had changed my midwife aps were alone but got my 12 week scan next week

Hi Afrohair, I am 9 weeks pregnant and I got an appointment letter from St. Marys for my 12 week scan. In that it was written I was requested to bring only 1 person... i guess every hospital has its own rules, please check with yours :)

Mine changed this week- can bring partner but only to the 20 week scan x

My husband wasn't allowed to come with me for 12 week scan, the sonographer said he might be able to come for my 20 weeks scan, but I should ring up the day before to ask.

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