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When did you call your GP?

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The NHS website says to call your GP as soon as you know you are pregnant. But when I called my GP in week 4-5 they were like, call back in week 8. Is this normal or am I getting poor service? What do you say when you call them?

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I phoned when I was 3 weeks had appointment, but was pointless as he just basically said it’s still very early day’s, don’t smoke/drink take folic acid. I had to fill in a form at reception and then they sent to midwife team. At 6 weeks I had midwife team ring me, where they sorted out an appointment with midwife. This was at 8 week, where they took my weight, blood pressure, urine test and bloods. X

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

I called my GP at 4 weeks as I have to take progesterone & low dose steroids. ( our 3rd pregnancy- 1-chemical pregnancy,2- our13 month old daughter & 3- am 4 weeks pregnant now) In general you don’t need to call GP unless you are having any bleeding etc & in my drs not allowed to book to see the midwife until you are 8 weeks. Congratulations on your pregnancy. xxx

You don’t really need to speak to your GP. I had to just go on my local hospitals website and self refer to the midwife. She then contacted me at 9 weeks for an appointment at 10 weeks x

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Oh, really? Didn’t realise you could self refer.

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I think depends on area etc but have a look and see. It’s so much easier 🙂

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I did this also - I self referred and was put in touch with a lovely midwife who did a zoom meeting at about 8 weeks then popped by the following week to take bloods/urine and also dropped off my hospital notes! I also was sent a letter for my 12week scan and further appointments (another home visit with midwife at 16-ish weeks and had booked my 20week scan when I did my 12week scan). I also received a letter to see a midwife in hospital at 20weeks (unsure what this is about).

I didn’t find the GP too helpful the last time around and so glad this time, I have the direct contact of my assigned midwife who I could call or text directly! It feels a lot more personalised this time around!

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Glad to hear you had a good experience. The home visits sounds like a perfect way to do it!

I was 6 weeks and only found out because I had to have an internal scan for other reason and I was referred straight to a midwife didn't go through my doctor at all.... the only time o delt with my doctor was to get folic acid.

Can you not do a self referral to the midwife clinic and see what they say.... have you been given folic acid to take x

Wow, what a way to find out. Well, part of it is that I’ve grown up in Sweden so I don’t really know how the gp/midwifes are connected. But many people have suggested self-referring directly so might give that a try. Yes, I am taking folic acid (which I bought myself). I am hoping the next round can be prescribed.

We don’t call GP just go onto local hospital website and fill in form they then refer you to a midwife and they contact you to make an 8 week check in appointment. Just start or continue to take folic acid and try and relax 😀

I rang my GP at 6 weeks but it didnt really matter if it was earlier as all they do is give you a midwife number to ring to register and you get an appointment at 8 weeks with them. The GPs seem to be the only one with the number in my area nothing online.

Hey, I called my gp as soon as I found out I was about 6 weeks but where I live they have nothing to do with it and gave me the hospital number which I then had to fill out a self referral form, and waited to hear back from a midwife,I had a telephone call about 5 days later which was my history check etc that was my first midwife appointment by phone because of covid then I don’t actually see anyone until my first scan which is when they take my bloods etc, hope this helps x

I was 2 weeks when I contacted my GP and they referred me to a midwife and the midwife booked an appointment for me on 8 weeks, before then a letter was sent to me for an appointment at the hospital.

Hi, congratulations x I called my clinic at 3 weeks and the receptionist made an appointment with the midwife for me at 8 weeks.

Hi MiaJosie congratulations on your pregnancy. I called the GP at 5 weeks and they gave me the number for the community clinic (where the midwives are based). They asked me a few questions, ensured I was taking a supplementary vitamin pill that includes folic acid and booked me in for my 8 week appointment.

I'd suggest trying to find a number for the midwives and you should have more joy.

Thanks everyone ... I called my GP and have a phone appointment tomorrow. Hopefully that will clarify things or I will try the self referral.

A little upset that the first receptionist advised me to call back in week 8 (as this is when most have the actual first check) and didn’t connect me with a midwife. But I am sure all will be arranged soon enough!


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