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Am I pregnant? What is happening?


Hi everyone. I’m a 16 year year old and I think that I am pregnant. I am currently on the implant and have been for about 2 years now and over the past week/week and a half I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms. I’ve had quite persistent nausea, really sore sensitive and heavy boobs, I am extremely bloated, change in smell/taste, I’m more tired, severe backache, I need to pee more often, I have headaches, slight cramps/stretchy feeling in my stomach and very light bleeding but no period. I don’t have regular periods so I cannot say if I’ve missed my period or not. I don’t know when to take a pregnancy test but I might take one tomorrow morning but if it’s negative I will feel really sad and I don’t want to be sad, I want a baby. I am going to go and get some prenatal vitamins today so I can start taking them just incase I am pregnant. Also, this morning about an hour ago, I noticed some really dark brown discharge with a watery clot in it, it was almost red. But it’s since stopped being brown and now it’s light red/pink. I have a weird feeling in my lower stomach but I can’t tell if I’m nervous or if something is wrong. I’ve never felt like this before, am I pregnant? When should I take a test? Am I losing the baby if I am pregnant? What should I do?

I have also attached a photo of my most recent discharge/bleeding. I also want to add that there is not discharge in my underwear and this is only when I wipe (if this makes a difference)

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If you’re going to buy prenatals today, just buy a test at the same time, I used to have this bloody discharge when I was on the implant and the chances of falling pregnant on the implant are slim, but regardless you need to find out ASAP cos if you are pregnant you need your implant removed, good luck xx

If you have the implant it's very unlikely to be pregnancy that's causing your symptoms. It's a very reliable contraceptive method. It's 99% reliable and only a few people have got pregnant while having it. There are side effects that you get while in the implant that could be causing some of your symptoms.

If you think you're pregnant then your best to take the test before you spend out on vitamins etc. If your symptoms aren't because you're pregnant then maybe book to see your GP or speak to your parents about your symptoms.

If you are pregnant then you'll need to refer yourself to a midwife to start your midwifery care and take folic acid and vitamin D. You can also get special pregnancy multi vitamins.

If you are pregnant there's also a lot of support groups you can join for becoming a young mum so that you don't have to miss out on your education etc as you should be able to continue your school and college education during your pregnancy. It really is hard work being a mum, so. If it's something you rally want make sure to get as much support as possible. Best of luck

These symptoms don't mean you a pregnant but just hormonal. Its unlikely to be pregnant on the implant.

When is the last time you had intercourse? I'd normally look at taking a test about 3 weeks after to be more sure,, however if you are regularly active I would just take one now.

Might be a bit contentious ... But why would you want to get pregnant at 16. You're still so young yourself. A child is definitely a beautiful thing but further yourself your career, get yourself in a stable relationship/financial place. Once they come you can't send them back and they are hard work.

hey, I have a really good friend who is a nurse and she puts the implants in, your chance of being pregnant are very slim, the only way you would be pregnant with the implant is if you had intercourse right at the start when you got it put in. However to put your mind at ease, take a test xxx

I was on the implant for 7.5 years and had irregular periods throughout. What I see in the pic just seems like a light period, as I often had discharge like that during my periods., and sometimes they would be very short and last a matter of 2 days or so. (everyone's different though and even mine varied over time depending on other factors like stress etc)

I never fell pregnant in the implant and chances are very slim too.

In Regards to your symptoms, I'd get backache most months, headaches, bloated belly and the whole sore/tender/enlarged breasts most months even with no period whilst on the implant too.

I did have a scare like yourself about 18 months ago as the pms symptoms were very strong and I spoke to docs, they did bloods etc and I was just having severe pms symptoms and got some medication to help with that as had other issues aswell in the months before.

If you are really worried take a test or visit your gp and put your mind at rest.

I've just had a baby at 30, and as amazing as he is, it's hard going, and I'm lucky enough to have had my partner off the past 4 weeks since he's been born. he's had 2 kids already and He was 18 when he had his first and the difference he feels since then til now with being able to cope etc is huge. So just think hard about what it would be like for you to have a little one and how you'd cope in the long run. It's strange times with covid present too so that's another thing to consider.

Good luck with everything xx

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