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Anyone had caesarean done due to an old stomach scar?


I am 31 weeks pregnant and 37 years old.

I had an ovarian cyst removed in 2006 where my stomach was cut through the middle.

I was told at my last scan that i may have to have a caesarean done as the scar may rip open?

I also have not been assigned any midwife even though i keep asking as im with babylon gp the online service and i will be changing my doctors after baby comes as i find them completly useless.

Anyone had any similar problems?

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I have got two scars on my stomach and I was referred to someone (can’t remember their name mind you 🤔😂) to check them as was so scared that there rip open 🙈(even thou there old) but they said they are fine, i gave birth naturally and the scars are still the same ☺️ xx

So have you not seen a consultant to.disxuss this? Would have thought it a bit odd not to discuss the options with you.

Re your GP ...( They might not be great for other reasons)... However they have nothing to do with assigning you a midwife, that would be a hospital service so you would need to speak to the hospital/community midwife service. They normally have a patienr liaison if you're not happy with things.

Nina567 in reply to roxannacar

Hospital said we dont assign midwives thats up to to your gp

roxannacar in reply to Nina567

That's very odd. I have never contacted GP in 3 pregnancies booked through the midwives. I also work in a GP surgery and they midwives are a separate service. GPs are not contracted for routine ante natal care. Something doesn't sound right . Who have you been seeing for your appointments/scans? Were you not given a booklet with info, and phone numbers? Who said you needed a C section? Bit confusing

If you're not with a GP have you had any midwife care during your pregnancy or are you asking for a specific midwife to be assigned up you? I saw a community midwife during my pregnancy, but she didn't cover where I have birth so I didn't know any of my midwives during labour. I didn't see my GP at all only my midwife and sonographer.

If you're concerned about your scar then if you have a pregnancy book call the number on that and all for a call back from the midwives who can advise you.


Have you not seen a midwife at all then? How did you get a scan if you haven’t got one. Where I’m from and it is quite common everywhere a GP would have nothing to do with assigning you a midwife. I had to contact them myself. Maybe you need to ring your local hospital

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