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Dieting then Pregnant


I was Calorie Counting when found out I was pregnant. I was on 1400 calories a day, I don't want to put everything I lost back on a risk harming the baby. I also want to make sure I have enough calories for my and baby. I'm thinking I should up my calories by about 100 calories every few days so my metabolism can get used to having the extra calories. (I'm 6 weeks)

Does anybody know if this will work or have advice for me?

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I was told you shouldn’t diet while pregnant but you need to get professional advice x

Greggorz in reply to Emmaxxx

Thanks Emmaxxx,

I'm not dieting any longer but if I just go straight to my (excessive I believe) recommended calories I'll put on everything I lost and more. That would put me and baby at an even higher risk I think.

I lost 2 whole BMI points while dieting which brought me under the serious BMI bracket ( Its still higher than recommended but that's for dealing with in a years time now!)

I was hoping that someone might have been through something similar that could advise how much I should increase and for how long before the next increase.

They say you only need 200 extra calories in the first trimester so maybe up your calorie intake by that only and see how you get on? Good luck xx

Hi Greggorz. Firstly well done for losing weight and congratulations on your pregnancy. I would strongly recommend you get some advice from a gp or your midwife? Or at least can you be referred to a dietician through your gp? Personally, I would have thought just a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg would be the best for you and baby during your pregnancy but I’m no dietician and perhaps you may need stricter guidance on the do’s and don’t in order to maintain a healthy weight. Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy. X

Greggorz in reply to Lovemylion

Thanks Lovemyloin,

I have my booking appointment in 2 weeks, do you think I should wait until then to ask or should I contact them sooner? I'll be 8 weeks by my booking appointment.

I’ve been training ‘semi private’ for a few years now and when we shred ‘get excess weight off’, it’s all about calorie deficit. Your personal calorie deficit is a calculation of your current weight and your height. Then you can work out how many calories your body needs to maintain. My trainer is all about promoting a healthy balance, so if you want a king size mars bar for breakfast..... go ahead. But that means no treats tomorrow. I’m not calorie counting now I’m pregnant. Just picking up the right foods when I can and giving in to ice cream from time to time. Find a happy balance.

Hi Greggorz,

I found that when I got to 7 weeks and the morning sickness started I was either too nauseous to eat or I needed to eat as I was being so sick. I would just see how you are for the first few weeks and try and eat depending on what your body needs. I did this and put on most of the weight in the first trimester but then not much throughout the rest of the pregnancy as could make better choices with my 2 previous pregnancies but this one I have hardly put anything on as too nauseous throughout.

You said that you have lost weight and are now under the serious risk bracket in that case you would be advised to put on less weight than someone who was in the healthy Bmi range. The midwife can refer you to a dietician or support you regarding food but that might not be for a few more weeks

If it was me I would either phone the Dr and ask for advice and support or you could just stay on the 1400-1600 calories. See how you feel in the first trimester you don't need to eat for 2 or have a high increase in calories. I have been so sick that I think I've only managed about that maybe less. I'm no expert but like you said putting on lots of weight and going back in the at-risk category will also do lots of harm and add to complications.

Greggorz in reply to Natasha213

Thanks Natasha213.

We were trying for a year and don't want to risk anything! I've gotten myself up to 1600-1700 at the moment (still 500 under my recommended maintenance calories) and this seems to be working for me. I'm not too tired, and because its more than I was on I'm finding I'm not that hungry between meals.

I've checked how much weight I should be putting on for how far along I am, and it seem to be balancing out now. I've got my booking appointment in a couple of weeks, so I'll mention it then. Do you know if I'll be referred to the dietitian automatically or should I ask to referred?

Natasha213 in reply to Greggorz

I would ask just so it definitely happens and get the details in case you need to chase things up. Big congratulations, I was trying for 2 years it makes it so precious when it finally happens so I can understand you being anxious. Sounds like your doing everything right though xx

I agree with could stay on the cals you are eating...i am sure you dont need any extra cals until your third trimester anyway and then its only about 300.. as long as you are eating and drinking healthily you will be fine...drink lots of water, balanced meals, a few healthy snacks such as veggie sticks, homemade oat bars to keep energy up etc x

Thanks Bakingcupcake (love the username btw!)

I'm averaging 2.5 litres of water a day, sometimes more as I don't record what I drink from my bedside water bottle. I've gotten into the habit of not having the refined and processed stuff now, so bump should able to get what he/she needs.

I'm taking vitamins too, just to make sure bump has the best start!

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