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1st Trimester Nausea/Sickness

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Hi everyone. I’m currently 7 weeks in my first pregnancy, and I’m having horrendous nausea and sickness. I can’t work, can’t eat, can barely drink, and it seems to be getting worse by the day.

Does anyone have any words of support or advice? The thought of feeling like this for another 5 weeks or more is really getting me down, and I don’t want to be in a place where I resent my pregnancy.

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I was like this with my second baby all through the first trimester.... I tried everything in the end I went to my gp and got anti sickness tablets.... so I would get hold of your gp and see if they can prescribe you something.... I hope you start feeling better soon xx

I was exactly the same- Definitely go to your GP and get some Meds! They are safe to use in pregnancy and will allow you to feel a bit more normal and keep some food and drink down! Good luck xx

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy. Please see doctor and ask for medicine consultation. I was dehydrated and could not keep anything down. If I was not on tablets, I would have continued to not eat. It does get better. Wishing you well and stay strong Xx

Hello, I had to reply as I had a similar experience to you and just wanted to give you some hope; mine started to improve at 9.5 weeks and although it took quite a few weeks to go completely, I knew the worst was over so it was much easier to cope with. Hopefully you will have a similar experience and feel better soon xx

Congratulations on your pregnancy and sorry that you feel so bad! I'm like you (7weeks). I do feel with nausea all the time but I can still work. I did call my GP and he prescribed cyclizine. It does help me but I just take before going to bed because it knocks me off. I'm eating small meals and drinking water with ice. I know I should be eating healthier but for the moment I'm prioritising calories. I hope you get better soon. Definitely, call your GP and get some help, or go the A&E or early pregnancy unit if you need more support .

Thanks everybody for your replies. I spoke to my doctor this morning and got a prescription for cyclizine so fingers crossed this will improve things! X

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