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6 weeks pregnant hip and groin pain



This is my first pregnancy and I’m around 6weeks.

I have started with pain to my right hip going in to my groin and buttock. Some very mild abdominal cramping but nothing too bad at all and no bleeding/ discharge. I just wondered whether this was normal or something to be concerned about?

I was referred to the midwife last week but still waiting to hear from them.

Thank you

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Hi. You want see a midwife for another few weeks but if pain persists or gets worse please call you gp. They can refer you to epu for early tests.

Good luck x

L8853 in reply to Buisquits

Thank you, think I’m going to see how things are tomorrow and maybe call the GP for some advice. Hoping it’s just a one off and it passes x

I remember in very early pregnancy I had a day of having really bad pain in my groin, hips, bum and thighs. The pain went all the way down my leg and it was so bad. It only last one day but it killed. Try not to worry. I know easier said then done but to remain positive. Everyone has different pains during pregnancy. X x x

L8853 in reply to Rainbowhope

Thank you. It’s so reassuring to know that others have experienced it too. Hoping it passes by tomorrow. We’re still keeping the pregnancy quiet at the minute as it’s such early days so it’s so nice being able to come on here and talk to others that have gone through similar things. X

Aranee in reply to L8853

When your womb expands to accommodate your growing baby while it’s still within your pelvis pregnant womb may compress on nerve called sciatic nerve which runs along your pelvis..I’m also six weeks pregnant and occasionally I experience this pain as well as pain at my anus..

I hope once baby grows and womb comes into tummy this pain eases a bit..

What makes me cope with pain is when I experienced symptoms I think my baby is growing healthy..

That makes me happy..pain will be secondary thereafter..

I’m also 6 weeks and I’ve got the same pains, my GP said to only panic if they’re so painful I can’t speak through the cramps or they last for a prolonged period of time xx

I had this with my son first pregnancy and this pregnancy as well. Try not to worry it’s usually everything moving around to make space for baby growing which can be a little painful. It’s good they referred you. I think when a professional speaks to you it will put your mind at ease. Xx good luck xX

Should be just your body getting ready for growing - lots of ligament stretching and feels like period pains -I had it bad throughout my pregnancies - it eases off second trimester and then third trimester its worse . Try to relax as much as possible and lots of nice bubbly baths. As long as you don't bleed or have very severe shooting pains its normal ....good luck :)

I read somewhere that one should avoid bubble baths. Because of the heat. But maybe bubbly baths and bubble baths are 2 different things? Haha

Yes you are correct - you aren't supposed to have hot baths early on - I did iVF so was advised to avoid hot baths but warm ones are fine - with lots of bubbles... :)

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