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When did morning sickness kick in for you?


I’m six weeks as of tomorrow and haven’t had any sickness yet - I get occasional waves of nausea but don’t know if that’s just linked with general feelings of anxiousness or over thinking things. What week did others experience sickness? and did anyone ever not have any and go on to experience healthy pregnancies?


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bang on 6 weeks and it didn't ever leave until I pretty much had him! xxx

Emma_9292 in reply to HollyT7

Interesting! Wonder if mine will start from tomorrow 🙈 I’ve read some old wives tales that say that more nausea means you’re having a girl and less or none means a boy - guess that can’t be true! Xxx

HollyT7 in reply to Emma_9292

definitely not 😂😂 I hope you have a lovely pregnancy free of morning sickness! Make the most of it!! xxx

I had very slight nausea on and off from about 7 weeks to about 10 weeks but never vomited and only a couple bouts of nausea and some smell aversions from time to time. I just consider myself very lucky! I'm 18 weeks now no nausea whatsoever just tired alll the time and headaches. So not everyone has morning sickness and I hope you dont either 😁 hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly xx

Emma_9292 in reply to Niki_B

Thanks Niki! Congrats on your pregnancy! When are you due? Do you know what you’re having? 🎀💙☺️

Niki_B in reply to Emma_9292

Thank you 😘 I'm due 2nd of December and I find out a week today what were having. I'm soooo excited I cant wait! Boy or girl doesnt bother me I just want to know 😁❤💙

I was never sick in my pregnancy, I had very little nausea and just a few food aversions, couldn't drink coffee or eat red meat. I had a really easy pregnancy, no aches or pains, no sickness, I wouldn't have even believed I was pregnant until I saw our first scan, I had a little bit of bleeding so we had our first scan at 11 weeks, but no cause for the bleeding was found. The midwife thought it might have been my placenta implanting. When I hear about how bad other people's pregnancy's have been I tend to just feel really lucky, but at the time I was worried it was a sign of a problem. I even felt like I'd missed out a bit on having a 'proper' pregnancy experience by not having morning sickness, it felt like it should be rite of passage, but now I'm just happy I missed out on feeling ill. Everyone had different symptoms, but not having morning sickness isn't always I sign theres anything wrong.

My little one is 11 months old now, and absolutely perfect, so no sickness was definitely not a bad sign for me.

Emma_9292 in reply to Seb9

Thanks Seb9! I’m in a similar boat - finding it hard to believe I’m pregnant to be honest due to lack of symptoms! Ive had a bit of a small bleed, stomach cramps now and then, and some bloating, but nothing major. Fingers crossed for an easy pregnancy like yours! Congrats on your little one ☺️😘 xx

I never had nausea or sickness x

That’s lucky!

I had non stop nausea since 4+5 days, no vomiting yet, but I have been close xx

Emma_9292 in reply to cmbxm

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon. Fingers crossed for no vomiting ahead xx

I’m 7 weeks and I haven’t been able

To get out of bed with the sickness. Slightly glad to be furloughed at the moment.

Emma_9292 in reply to Mummax2

Bless you, sorry to hear that! take it easy xxx

Mummax2 in reply to Emma_9292

Thank you so much x

Congratulations ! Even i entered 6th week today and no sign of nausea or morning sickness. I do have on and off craping during the day and anxious. Hope yes this is normal only.

Emma_9292 in reply to newmissy

Ahhh! I’m week 6 from tomorrow - how exciting for us 😊 don’t worry I’m getting cramps and anxiousness too! Constantly thinking ‘how am I feeling now?’ and ‘is this normal?’ 🙈 xxx

Straight away when I turned 6 weeks until I was about 20 weeks, then it started wearing off. People wondered why I was nibbling at crackers (before I announced I was preggo) but that was all I could keep down at times, I even had to switch taking my pregnancy vitamins to the evening as they made me throw up too! I had a difficult pregnancy due to complications (baby them arrived 7 weeks early by emergency csection) but everything worked out ok in the end.

Hope you have a smooth pregnancy journey :) x

I felt nauseous the first few weeks and went off some foods but never actually had any sickness throughout my whole pregnancy and had a healthy baby boy... I wouldn’t worry about it hun every pregnancy is different. Best of luck x

Mine started around 8 weeks but was continous, it’s actually got worse now I’m 13 weeks which I couldn’t believe cause people said it tends to fade by now. Every body is different, hope you have a lovely pregnancy. X

Please don’t wish for morning sickness it’s horrible it makes you feel horrible there wasn’t a day from 6 weeks bang on wish I didn’t have the sickness part I dealt with the rest fairly easy just not the sickness

Week 8/9 and now 25 weeks and it hadn't gone away. Enjoy your time without it

Update: I’m six weeks + 3 days and I’ve been feeling quite nauseous lately, especially in the mornings! I find that I feel sick at random points in the day, but when I feel like this, I am also super hungry at the same time. When I feel like this I’ve found that I feel better once I’ve had something plain to eat, but the feeling comes and goes. I haven’t actually been sick yet though despite feeling like I need to be. Did anyone else have strong feelings of hunger mixed with feeling a bit sick?!

JLLWM in reply to Emma_9292

hey, i lived off pom bears as thats all i could stomach but i was always so hungry.

i have been sick from about 5 weeks and im currently 17+4, however if you want to believe myths because im having a little girl!

No sickness at all here. Little symptoms through the pregnancy. The boy is 19months and the pregnancy was great!

I’m 31+6 and was sick once around 10/12 week mark. Had nothing other than that. You might get lucky and not have morning sickness!

I’m 9 weeks and super sick :( normally sick in the morning and my stomach feels like it’s hungry but sick at the same time. Today was the first day I was sick at lunchtime at well... not having much fun with it at the moment :(

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