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Newly pregnant and feeling anxious about covid-19

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Hi everyone,

I’m very newly pregnant (currently 5 weeks 3 days) with my first. The baby was planned and 2020 was always the year my fiancé and I had set out to try. We decided to go for it in May after I’d had cold feet in previous months since things with the virus were particularly bad. With death rates and cases seemingly decreasing, we decided to go for it in May and very luckily fell straight away. Since my BFP though, I’m an emotional rollercoaster! I have occasional waves of excitement but my main emotion is anxiousness about the virus especially with the media speculating about a second spike. I’m feeling really anxious about midwife appointments and avoiding social gatherings (even if they are distanced). My fiancé is lovely and supportive but I think he’s getting a bit tired of my anxiousness at times. It’s particularly hard not being able to share the news with others at the moment (before first officially scan which is due at 13 weeks) but equally I don’t want to worry my family who are already feeling scared about the virus - I’m dreading their reaction to our news already when it does eventually come out! I would love to hear from other expectant mothers and whether anyone else is having similar feelings/are in a similar boat? Or some words of reassurance would be much appreciated ☺️ thank you xxx

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Appointments are fine, I’m 32 weeks pregnant, I was scared and worried at first but I’m come to realise protect your self wash hands and face mask.

The only think with appointments you have to go alone and even your scans 😔 I went private for a few so my other half to attend.

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Thanks Lindsay! Do you feel safe in hospitals when going in for your appts?

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Yeah they have distanced people And there is only a few appointments each day so not loads of people waiting around and the staff are wearing full PPE and you have to wear face mask also.

Enjoy your pregnancy don’t worry or stress about it.

You might want to read the RCOG guidelines on pregnancy and coronavirus. It will really put your mind at ease. The main time you need to be vigilant is after 28 weeks as a pregnant persons immune system is slightly compromised but even that is just a precaution.

I’m 35 weeks now - I stopped working in May as I work face to face with patients. I was nervous at first but that eased off as life carried on.

You have to remember that everyone is following great protocol to prevent this spread now. The spaces, such as midwife appointments, are safe and controlled.

Try and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible. Easier said than done, I know.

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Thank you Cook7786! Are you trying to avoid seeing people / going to places like supermarkets? I realise it’s not strictly in gov guidance but I’m wondering how cautious to be at this point, or to just be more vigilant later down the line like you say. Congrats on your pregnancy too by the way 😊xxx

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I am still shopping at supermarkets (wearing mask and not touching face, washing hands etc) As long as the R number stays below 1. When the R number was above 1 at the peak of the pandemic - I only worked and didn’t go anywhere else.

I’ve socially distanced with one or two people in the garden a few times.

Just be cautious and only do what you feel comfortable doing.

The main thing for me would be not having my partner with me during labour if she were to contract the virus. I’m not so scared of the virus itself and it’s very very rare to effect the baby.


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Thank you that’s really helpful 😘

Hi Emma,

To be fair I got pregnant with my first in 2018 and I was so nervous for appointments (without any virus threat!) and everything because it was the first time and you don’t know what to expect and especially when like you said you haven’t told people, so you can’t chat to people who have been through it! I’m now 16 weeks pregnant with my second and although I’ve been nervous for appointments this time around, they’ve been absolutely fine- I’ve been to the hospital and it was almost normal- apart from the fact I couldn’t take my husband :( so we’ve also booked a private scan for this week so we can go together for one! You’ve got this and all the staff will do their best to reassure you! xx

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Thanks, GM99! It’s been a bit of an emotional weekend as I had a bit of a bleed on Saturday when I wiped after using the loo. I called up the hospital and was given an out of hours number to contact - I rang several times with no answer, so I left a message and no one called me back 😖 after doing a bit of research and speaking with someone at a company called Window To The Womb (who I have a 7 week scan booked with), they reassured me and it appears to be an implantation bleed and hopefully nothing to worry about. I think I’m finding not being able to speak to other people (apart from my partner) about things really difficult 😢 I’m glad I’ve found this forum though - everyone is so supportive. Thanks again for your reply xx

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Ah that’s really difficult! I haven’t had a similar experience- but so many people have implantation bleeding and have talked about how common it is, so it definitely sounds like that’s what it is! Totally agree- this forum is great when you want to have a chat with people who definitely understand what you’re going through! xx

Hello, I am pregnant with baby no 1 and I have been attending appointments and scans on my own as my OH is not able to attend. They are fine and they feel extra clean and safe. Hospitals are working hard to keep Covid patients off other general wards and you’re encouraged to wear masks/ wash your hands regularly at your appointments.

My county has actually set up midwife community hubs in local areas outside of hospitals and GP surgeries so my appointments have been overlooking a rugby ground which has actually been quite nice and a story to tell in future.

I think it’s easy to be worried but the statistics for Covid and pregnancy and newborns and pregnancy is so incredibly low. Your baby has a much higher percentage of being healthy and well than contracting the virus. Your family will leap at this beautiful news during a difficult time and I think once you are able to tell family members you will relax a little bit because you’ll start to enjoy it more. It’s important (I think anyway) to go out and see a friend or family member socially distanced of course. You may find it refreshing and settling when everything goes ok.

Good luck xx

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Thank you! You’re right about the stats too - thanks for the reassurance with that. How many weeks along are you if you don’t mind me asking? I am nervous about telling my family - I hope they react positively! They’re really worried about the virus so I don’t want to add to their worries or experience disappointment from them because we’ve fallen pregnant during a bit of a crazy time! 😰 xx

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No worries at all - I am 12+1 today and ended up telling family and close friends very early because I have Hypermesis. I was cancelling on zoom calls / ignoring my mum and they would have figured it out very quickly as I am rarely ill (thankfully). I am almost glad my sickness forced me to tell people earlier in a way - their support has been substantial.

Maybe you will find relief in telling a small handful of your closest family members. The virus has caused carnage but it could be a nice reminder that eventually life will continue (and especially new life as well!). Your body is doing the most amazing thing and you should never feel like you will worry or disappoint people. If this is right for you, that’s the important thing. You’re still 8 months away from the big day and look at how much has been relaxed already (although that’s a different discussion for a different thread!) It’s so scary, I’m completely with you on that and it’s so easy to think about the what ifs, but if you do, you will end up not enjoying this special moment xx

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Thanks so much, that’s really helpful. I think I will try to hold out after my private 7-week scan which is only next week, so I’ll see how I feel after that. I feel so weird keeping secrets from my mum as we’re really close. I’m really sorry too to hear about your hypermesis - that must be very tough! Make sure you take it easy 💕 I’m going to try and be more positive and enjoy the news without worrying all the time about ‘what ifs’ ☺️ xx

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I found out I was pregnant 3 days after we went into lockdown and my anxiety and nerves were through the roof as everything was seemed to be a bit up in the air so I completely understand how you are feeling. At this moment in time I only go to my parents house and if I do see friends I see them at a distance. I haven’t been confident enough to go into larger supermarkets but I try to get a delivery or go to the smaller express ones instead! When I had my 12 week scan the hospital also referred me to a smaller hospital a bit further away that didn’t have any covid patients and only took pregnant and patients over 70. They seem to be really good at handling things now :)! Xxxx

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Thank you RMOBX ☺️ that’s really reassuring xx

I’m recently pregnant and I’m just terrified about missing out on key appointments and not having these and then missing something wrong, also but upset my baby’s father can’t come to heart the heartbeat and see the scans and what not but I know it’s to protect others xx

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I know what you mean 💕. I’ve booked a private 7 week scan which my partner can join. Might be worth booking one of those? I’ve booked with Window To The Womb who have really good reviews ☺️

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Yeah that’s our plan, we want to wait until 16/17 weeks though so we can find out the gender at the same time xx

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Exciting! How far along are you?

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5 weeks it was confirmed today, so very early, how about you?

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Ahhh I’m at a v close stage to you! I’m 5 weeks+ 4 days! I’ve done so many tests to keep making sure I’m pregnant as I’m paranoid/still can’t quite believe it! 🙈 xx

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Same 😂😂 I said this morning I wouldn’t test....did it about half an hour ago, it’s still positive though so today I can stop freaking out, my partner has said no more tests once I run out 🙈😂 it feels so real now I’ve registered with the midwives and my GP has confirmed it, I’m still in shock to be honest xx

Hi I had my baby before the covid thing, but I just wanted to say that I know a lot of people don't tell anyone about being pregnant till they've had the first scan but I couldn't have faced it without my best friends and family knowing. I knew if it went wrong I would want their support. I thinks it's become really popular not to tell people and then try and carry the burden on your own if things don't work, but I think that can be really tough, if you have to act normal when you're not feeling great. My first pregnancy ended with a missed miscarriage and the first thing I did after was phone my sister for a good cry and then call my best friend. My second pregnancy was amazing and my little girl is now nearly 11 months old and I told them as soon as I knew I was pregnant again, I've never liked keeping secrets, I find they make me more nervous than I am already! Please if you're feeling like you could do with friends or family support, and don't feel like it's all on you xx

I just gave birth to a baby girl on the 13th of May so she was born in the middle of it all and I can honestly say I had no problems with scans, midwifes appointments or even going in to hospital to have her! The only change that affected me was my husband not being able to go to scans and the minimal time he was allowed in after her birth! But try to think positively as the stress isn’t good for you and baby! hopefully by the time baby is due the worst of this virus will be gone and normality returned! I’m on the other side of it having a new baby and my husband is back at work so with nothing open and not allowed to see people! it’s very isolating stuck in everyday on your own with no adult conversation! Just remember your not alone xxx

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Thanks so much stacemyster, that’s helpful advice. Congrats to you on your little girl! 🎀 I hope you can see people soon too as it must feel v isolating right now 😔 xxx

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