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Transitioning to 1 nap


So I know I’ve posted on here about this before

But the last 3 weeks my LG has either missed her morning nap and has afternoon nap or has a morning nap and not afternoon nap. This isn’t everyday but it’s been about 2 days every week over the last 3 weeks.

Is this the start of her body telling her she doesn’t need the 2 naps?? How do I get her to have the afternoon nap, or could it be the afternoon nap she drops?

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She can sometimes fall asleep with no fuss on both naps or can take up to an hour. She’s sleeps perfectly at night (apart from growth spurts, teething etc) I just wasn’t sure if her missing naps, is her body trying to get her ready.

Should I start to push her morning nap later, so eventually it will lead into 1 afternoon nap? I’m new too all this, so don’t know how to do it 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Hi my love.. my son is roughly the same age and he’s down to 1 nap a day..... usually around 1ish for an hour or 2. I get the feeling this may soon disappear though so enjoy whilst you can 😊😊

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Oh wow really. Does it sound like my LG is getting ready for the transition? X

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I’m not sure as they can miss their naps etc but it does sound like it maybe coming xx

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It’s becoming more often now though, as will see how we go from today x

My little boy missed his morning nap for about a week back in march (14 months old). Then went back to having it again, then dropped it, i just moved his afternoon nap forward. He sometimes naps before lunch about 11.30 for 2 hours, sometimes after lunch so about 12.30 for 2 hours.

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So he just dropped the morning nap on his own?

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I guess it depends how you define him dropping it himself. He wasnt tired at 10am anymore, but sometimes was tired at 11.30, so i just let him nap then and then for the first few weeks he was so grumpy by about 5pm so we had 2 hours before bedtime of him crying and screaming but we persevered and now he is fine, tired by about 7.30

When my LG dropped her morning nap we just gave her afternoon one around 12 ish for 2 hours. She was just over one. Then in lockdown (she was 26months) she completely dropped that x

Thank you, so she just dropped it completely. I think she’s showing signs of it, but will see how she’s goes. She’s been awake early today so she’s ready for a nap now 😂 x

I know our little ones are about the same age aren't they. My little boy dropped to one nap about 4 or 5 weeks ago maybe (totally have lost track of time in lockdown so who knows!!) there simply wasn't time in the day for him to have two naps AND have a long enough gap between nap 2 and bedtime.

I started by making the first nap later and later each day in time for 11 am now. Sometimes he's just too tired and it ends up being 10:30, which is fine, but we pop to the supermarket or walk the dog or try anything to keep him awake and entertained during that early morning stretch (a 9am ish snack definitely helps too!)

He's now in the habit of sleeping for 2-hours (sometimes 90 mins) so wakes up around 1 p.m.

I moved bedtime from 7pm to 6 pm while he adjusted, and that seemed to work very well and didn't affect his morning wake-up time too much.

We're now back to 6:45 for bedtime as he seems to cope very well for that awake stretch between 1 and bedtime.

Obviously as time goes on I will try and stretch his nap to later in the day, till eventually it's after lunch, but at the moment I think he's maxed out on awake time in the morning 😂

There've been one or two occasions of a ridiculously early morning wake-up which has led to a 2 nap day, but I think that's perfectly normal while they are transitioning, and it doesn't seem to affect the next day at all.

Not saying this is the right way but this is what we've done ☺️☺️

Good luck and keep us posted! xxx

A little update

So this week LG hasn’t been having her morning nap, but has been falling asleep around 1 for 2 hours.

Does this sound long enough?

She wakes up around 7am.

Dinner is 5.30/5.45

Bath 6.30ish

Story’s around 7.10ish and then by the time she’s actually asleep it’s about 7.30-7.45

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