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Maternity appointments and COVID-19

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We are currently trying to start a family, however my concern is that due to the current threat of COVID-19 you are unable to take your partner to any appointments and scans. Does anyone know if this is still the case or likely to be changing soon. I wouldn't want my husband to miss out on our first scans?

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Hello, yes at the moment my husband hasn’t been able to attend any midwife appointments, hospital scans and all antinatonal classes have been cancelled. Hopefully they’ll restart soon so I can learn what I need to know!

Hello, they aren’t allowing anyone with you into the scan, I have my 20 week scan at the end of July and I’m still not allowed to take my partner with me.

However, you can pay to have a private scan and take your partner with you there if you would like to do that :) there are options xx

This is still the case at my hospital - no partners at scans but they are giving free photos (previously you had to pay extra for these). Also no in-person antenatal classes which I completely understand but is a bit rubbish!

As mentioned you can get private scans - we had a really cheap one (think it was about £60) from one of the chains. The quality wasn’t great but if your partner hasn’t been to one it’s nice for them to get to see x

Would you mind telling me which company you used for the private scan?

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Window to the womb x

Thank you! x

Some places may let you video the screen so partner can see later. It’s worth asking as and when you get to that point but hopefully restrictions will be eased off by the time you get there x


It is very different being pregnant during this time. I am having my third baby and feel anxious as I know labour will be different as he won't be allowed in until the final stages and won't be able to stay long after. However, this could change in a few months and depending where you live. He had also missed scans I paid for two private one's but they did make us a little video which was amazing and had an NHS one but wasn't until I was almost 14weeks. He would have been allowed into the private one's but we couldn't take children so he couldn't come. With restrictions relaxing tho he can attend one at 17 weeks but this is likely to be the only one.

There are options xx

Thank you for your tips x

Hi I am in Preston Lancashire and I had my 20 week scan in March and my partner wasn't allowed to attend, however they are now allowing partners to scans and appointments. My midwife comes to my house in PPE to listen to the baby's heartbeat and do my bloods etc. So I'd check with your local hospital as it seems to be different rules in different areas :)

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