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Previous miscarriage, & pregnant again and anxious for 12 week scan tomorrow

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Has anyone else experienced this? The thought of bad news again is horrible. My partner is annoyed because I’m not excited but it’s just because I’m expecting the worst :(

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You aren't alone lovely, I've found pregnancy so difficult after 2 losses. One at 8 weeks and one at 19 weeks. It's been extremely challenging and I'm only just starting to relax a little at 24 weeks. Just take each day at a time - the best thing for me personally was distraction and I've also had a number of private scans for reassurance x

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I’m sorry to hear that lovely, but you are one strong women! I just want to keep thinking positive it’s just so difficult and I feel guilty for feeling this way etc, good to know I ain’t the only one. X

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Nope, definitely not the only one! It is difficult for sure - I've ended up under the perinatal mental health team who just give me a call every few weeks but knowing they are there if I ever need to ring them is fantastic as they completely understand my feelings. If you feel overwhelmed don't be afraid to seek support everyone wants the best for you and baby. I also started antidepressants at 16 weeks and for me personally they have made a massive difference in helping me address and start to overcome some of my anxiety 💕

I felt very similar after I had a missed miscarriage. In my second pregnancy, I refused to believe it was real. I had it in my head that I would just have 3 failed pregnancy's and then I'd go to the doctor for fertility treatment. I was very matter of fact about it and when I went for my scan, I laid back waiting for the sonographer to tell me the bad news. When she told me there was a hand waving at me, I really couldn't believe it. I know how you feel going into your scan tomorrow, it's really hard to get excited when you've had your heart broken, but I hope it goes well tomorrow, best of luck x

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Thanks so much lovely - that’s honestly how I feel and my partner is so annoyed cause I won’t get excited etc. The fact he can’t even come & I have to face this anxiety alone is horrific too! I’ll let you know how I get on x

Hiya, I understand completely how you feel after a MMC last year.

Lucky we’ve fell pregnant again & had our 12 week scan in April and I swear my heart was going to burst out of my chest I was that nervous and scared, especially having to face the scan alone.

I know it’ll be hard, but try not to worry


Its totally normal and very hard to be excited after a loss, my husband was really nervous too second time. And it must be so hard right now if only you can be in the scan room. Don’t feel guilty it’s only natural xx

I had a misscarrige last year at 12.5 week and I’m terrified my symptoms are barley their and I’m 6 week pregnant my partner seems quite excited but last night I kept telling myself the baby’s gone cause I didn’t feel sick then I started feeling sick again it definitely plays with your head I’m going to have a early scan at 8 weeks x

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This was me all over, looking for every symptom that could possibly be there.

I had an early scan, cause no amount of pregnancy tests was assuring me I was pregnant. I had my 12 week scan yesterday, and all was well.

Good luck with the pregnancy hun. X

How was it? Xx

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All ok - baby was absolutely fine!!! ❤️ Xx

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Yay, what great news xx

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