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Hello. I'm new to this and I just want help. So I took a lot of pregnancy tests early on and they were faint positives and I tried a digital test and it was positive. I went to wipe and it was a light pink... later on it started turning into a dark brown and I dont know if that's normal and its freaking me out so I thought my period had started so I put a tampon in and it hurts and I dont know what to do. What should I do? Please help...

The picture is the pink spotting. Sorry if its gross.

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Hello Celeste99, am no expert here but that could be implantation bleed I wouldn’t use a tampon as it’s might not be a normal bleed. Keep an eye out and if the bleeding gets heavy call your GP.

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It's not heavy, but it's more red now. Like before it was pink then brown and now it's a lot more red. I'm scared because I really want to be pregnant and I have an appointment soon with my doctor. I have some cramping, but I'm just scared.

I am sure you are scared. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious, hope the doctors appointment goes well, sending you hugs 🤗 xx

I hope everything goes ok at your gp appointment... fingers crossed you get the outcome you want xx

Your pregnant that's normal to go through congratulations

Sometimes bleeding can be fine, it may be implantation bleeding and you might find it is a bit like a light period for a few days but it doesn't get heavy like a proper period. If you are in touch with your doctor or midwife they can arrange for an early pregnancy scan depending on how far along you are and also for blood tests to measure your HCG levels best of luck x

Fingers crossed everything is fine, definitely remove the tampon and avoid them as they have an increased risk of infection so definitely need to be avoided in pregnancy

Yup I agree if not lots of blood any only lasting a few days could absolutely be plantation bleeding! Xx

Hi hun

Yes to me it looks like implantation bleeding, deffo don’t use anymore tampons because it can cause an infection. And just keep an eye on it and if the bleeding gets heavier then go straight to A&E. wishing you the best of luck and keep us posted x

How did you get on with your doctors the other day... did you get the outcome you wanted xx

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