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Morning sickness-fed up

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It’s only just started but I feel terrible I can’t get out of bed and it’s a lovely sunny day can’t do anything with my other kids I shouldn’t complain but I hate first trimester I’m always pregnant in summer x

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Hi there,

How far along are you?

I'm currently 17 weeks and still nauseous. Although it's not nearly as bad as the early weeks if definitely puts a damp on the mood.

I suggest speaking to OB or midwife for some support and meds perhaps...

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Afrohair in reply to Rella22

I’m only 6 week rang g p for meds

Hi. I’m 36 weeks now and had severe morning sickness until I was at 17 weeks and on and off since then. One of the things which helps me get out of bed and actually move around a bit is lucozade sport. I tend to just keep sipping a bit through the day and it doesn’t take away all the nausea but it does put a stop to consistent sickness. A bit random I know but maybe it will help? Hope it does xx

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I had lucozade I my last pregnancy but my partner won’t let me have it now because of the warning on the back it says not suitable for children under 3 he thinks it will affect the baby though I’ve had it in past pregnancy it helped but misscarrige last time

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Zarawas in reply to Afrohair

Oh no I’m sorry to hear that. It was actually a midwife who recommended it to me hence why I passed it on, I didn’t even check the back for such a warning. Maybe try the natural style version of lucozade type drinks.

I just get how desperate you must be to feel normal again and have some days where you don’t feel like utter rubbish because of the sickness. I still have those days at 36 weeks ! Xxx

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I know it’s awful was sick a bit earlier but feeling a bit better now I’ve eaten seems to come on a lot in the morning which I used to get it all day so don’t know what to think I’ve just turned 6 weeks so I’ve probably got lots more sickness to come x

That was me for the last few weeks. Constantly feeling sick. A few nights ago I started boiling fresh ginger and drinking as a tea before bed. It’s been 2 days and no more feeling sick all the time. Maybe worth a try? Just need something to overcome the tiredness now :) good luck

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I get so tired too I’ve never found ginger to help but I like the smell of lavender cause it’s calming x

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