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6 days late, help?!! X


Hiya I wondered if anyone could help me

I had my marina coil removed 20th April was bleeding from 17th April for a few days the. Started bleeding again 21st April until the 25th.

I assumed this wasn’t a period as I then came on on the 7th may until the 12th.

I should’ve been due on the 4th June but no sign.

I peeing so much and very tired.

Took a clear blue this afternoon and was negative!!!

Anyone had a similar situation?

I’m going crazy!!

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Hey there, sounds like it’s a possibility although could also be your cycle settling down? Testing with first morning urine when hormones are at their highest concentration is best. I’d suggest testing again in the morning 👍🏻.

AmyC89 in reply to Pasaeoco01

Thank you so much for replying!

7 days late I’m never late it’s just confusing me,

I will test again in the morning I have clear blues although I’ve been told they aren’t great xx

Pasaeoco01 in reply to AmyC89

I don’t have experience with the coil but when I came off the pill my cycle was all over the place for a good while.

First response pink dye tests require a lower hcg level so they can identify positive result sooner as I understand.

I never personally had an issue with clear blue but I have read that some have.

Unfortunately all you can do is test and be patient! Are you trying to conceive?

AmyC89 in reply to Pasaeoco01

No I’m not trying but if it happens it happens 🤷🏻‍♀️

I have one clear blue left I’ll do that in the morning if nothing I’ll buy some First response tests on Monday give it a few days as I won’t keep testing every day.

With my daughter 3 years ago I was about 9-10 days late before I tested and that was with a Superdrug test xx

Pasaeoco01 in reply to AmyC89

Ah OK. That sounds like a good plan. Hope you get the result you want.

AmyC89 in reply to Pasaeoco01

Thank you so much :)

It sounds like your cycle is out of Wack your period won’t come yet do you have a period tracking app sometimes they are helpful for working out when your next period will be and ovulation even if your not trying for a baby they are helpful for gynaecology issues x

Bleeding on the 21st is a withdrawal bleed it’s when your hormones drop after contraception.real period should come later it’s too early for a period in 4th June

That is a mind boggle I’m trying to work out dates again now lol 😂

No my period came on 7th may I had withdrawal bleed 20th April tho.

I have period tracker and it’s saying I’m 7 days late,

I’ve been peeing loads, nipples sore and tired all the time so I don’t know x

Seb9 in reply to AmyC89

Your period tracker might not be quite in sync with you yet if you've not long had the coil removed. I never had a period when I had the Mirena so I had to log several months of periods on my tracker app and vary my cycle length before it corresponded with my actual cycle.

When I had implant removed last Sept, I caught very quickly (I'd been on pill for 7 years and then implant for 7 years so was concerned it'd take time for body to regulate again) and only had bleeding for 4 days after it was removed and even then it was light. So removal was 11th Sept, bled 14-18th, then had positive pregnancy test on 2nd November, and by dates in later scans I was pregnant from 30th Sept! So it can happen quite quickly. I had negative clear blue digital test a week before the positive one on the 2nd, even though my positive test showed 2-3 weeks... So it could be hormone levels aren't quite being picked up.

I also had mega sore boobs and tiredness which made me test the 2nd time.

Good luck with everything xx

Hi, when I had my mirena removed I bled one month after and then didn’t have a period for 75 days, please try not to worry, there’s lots of other women who have the same experience and my GP said it could 6 months for my cycles to fully return to normal. I’ll admit, they never did return to normal or regulate, I would have some months 38 day cycles all the way up to 55 days. If you’re not trying to conceive I’d use a different type of protection, but if you are try not to worry. I’m currently nearly 10 weeks pregnant and one of my best friends had who had her coil removed in February didn’t have a period and had fallen pregnant by April too!

Good luck and try to relax, the more you stress the less likely it is to come! Our bodies are amazing things ☺️

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