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Help, baby with reflux

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Hi, so our 5 month old have reflux, but we think its just mild reflux, when my girlfriend was breastfeeding LO was spitting all day , now when we went on formula, she stopped. She still brings up tiny bits here and there but northing worrying. Gaining weight and so on. BUT, she still very unsettled after every feed , and we cant really put her down, looks like something is coming up, but not all the way and its hurting her. With that, we struggle putting her to sleep. When we hold her upright, all good, when we try to lay her down she start screaming and resist to sleep untill she tires herself. We cant even imagine her falling asleep by her self! Is that normal with reflux? Is there anything can be done or she just need to grow out of it? Thank you.

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Hi. Sorry to hear your baby has reflux. My little boy had quite severe reflux and was prescribed omeprazole which neutralises the stomach acids and helps with the pain. Not sure if you have already been prescribed this but if not, it maybe worth while asking your Gp. I have to say that now we are weaning our little boy, his reflux is loads better and we’ve actually taken him off the meds. Hope it settles soon.

Our little is on gaviscon which the gp gave her which sometimes helps a bit, she is incredibly distressed by the regurgitation and what seems to be silent reflux too so we may look to moving onto omperozole too if things continue to be bad. Maybe have a chat with the gp? I have to keep my one upright or angled for 30 mins after feeding which makes night feeds super long... It helps too. Good luck

Hi, my now 7 year old had severe reflux when he was a baby, he was on omeprazole and gaviscon but would still bring up most of his feed, ruined my carpet and had to buy a new one when he was fully weaned. I was advised by gp and the health visitor agreed to wean baby from 4 months which I have done with all my children anyway. As soon as he started being weaned the reflux got better. For night time feeds I placed a pillow under the mattress to raise it so baby wasn't flat, for daytime feeds, If baby was in the pram or on the sofa for a nap he would be on a cushion (his full upper body not just his head) although not recommended until at least 1 years old to use pillows or cushions for baby he was constantly supervised. My advice would be to try weaning baby, I started with rusks and baby rice and worked my up to veg and fruit.

Hi. Sorry to hear your baby has reflux, my baby girl has silent reflux and her older brother also had reflux but not this silent one which I think is worse.

I prop her all the time for naps she goes in her pram in the day and nights I use a special reflux pillow under the mattress( i always keep her upright for at least 20 mins after feeds but now she’s getting older 22 weeks she’s a wriggly bum I’m starting to wean and Hoping for improvement and better sleep at night. It comes with age and better muscles it does get better and I hope things start to improve for you. I also use anti reflux milk and Opti bac probiotics as they have helped a lot so does for some reason Welda chamomilla granules

Sorry... teething could also be an issue as Iv been told from my HV that they create more saliva which doesn’t help the stomach acid at this age

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