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Anterior placenta


Hello ladies,

Apologies if this question has been asked numerous times, I'm just looking for some reassurance (I'm reading too much online & driving myself crazy!)

I had my 20 week scan today & was told I have an anterior placenta, I realise this can make movements harder to detect but was wondering at what week you was able to feel regular movement? I'm getting myself worked up thinking I wont be able to experience the joys of kicking etc, I've felt baby move lots of Thursday & some tightness yesterday - I understand I've got a few weeks to wait atleast until she starts stretching & moving regularly but wondered if anyone could give me a rough idea from what they experienced?

Thank you

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Its very common, i was about 21 weeks when i felt what i can only describe as bubbles in my stomach, i cant remember when exactly it felt like kicking but was certainly after about 22 weeks.

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Thank you, I've been getting the quickening from 16 weeks but nothing regular & lots on Thursday. It's been 12yrs since my last pregnancy & so different I just didnt want to miss anything x

Hi Sam,

I’m 22+5 and also have an anterior placenta so I understand how you feel!

I’ve just started feeling the odd kick in the last week but still not very regularly. Hang in there, hopefully not too much longer for you xx

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Thank you so much, this is definitely reassuring. I was googling so much lastnight I was getting myself into a mess xx

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I did exactly the same! Felt like it was never going to happen and I still have days where I don’t really feel much but it’s started at least so hopefully yours will soon but try not to stress about it xx

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Thank you, I think I need to relax & stop overthinking it xx

I think it was around 26 weeks for me for a kick type feel, 20-22 weeks for the popping bubbles. The movement gradually gets stronger and stronger. Don’t worry, you will DEFINITELY feel your baby kick, it’ll get to the point where it’s so strong it’s painful 😂 I felt like my baby was going to break my lower ribs towards the end.


Aww bless you, I hope you're not in too much discomfort?

Thank you so much, this is so reassuring. I think I need to stop overthinking it & be more patient xx

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It was at the time but totally worth it and much rather that than when he was quiet and I’d worry 😂

My bub is 20 weeks old now, and I struggle to remember how the movements felt. I did find it hard having to wait longer for movement with an anterior placenta (worrying if he was ok) but it does come and does become strong - I don’t have any other pregnancy to compare it to but the placenta stops being an issue. The only thing I didn’t have that people said you get was seeing a foot or hand sticking out - I could clearly see bumps that would have been his limbs and my tummy moving like a water bed but I couldn’t make out what it was that was sticking out. Not sure if that was the anterior placenta.

Oh it’s totally normal to overthink though so don’t be hard on yourself xx

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Thank you, its nice to know what to look out for.

Congratulations on your little man xx

Hi Sam, I had an anterior placenta, I felt bubble type movements from about 16 weeks and then proper movement from 23, by 24 they could be felt on the outside by other people. I was worried it would be harder to feel/recognise a pattern but you def will! Xx

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Thank you, this is defo reassuring.

I just got off the phone to my midwife as she called to check in & I had a little cry. I'm being silly, I just worry about everything xx

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Not silly at all, I used to worry about every little thing and it's hard not to over think. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well x

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Thank you lovely xx

I had one and didn’t feel proper movement til about 22 weeks. I definitely felt kicks etc later on in pregnancy and god knows what it’s like with a different placenta because they were uncomfortable with an anterior one 😂. I didn’t get regular movements until about 28-30 weeks x

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😊 thank you, I'm grateful for all everyone's advice so now I have a goal so to speak on when to expect movements.

My midwife called to check in & I had a little cry, she said she's got ladies who have their placenta at the back & they still dont feel baby move as much.

I think lastnight I just googled & came across some much info that I got myself anxious xx

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Google is everyone’s worst enemy and I’m guilty of it too. Hope you feel better now xx

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It's so true.

I'm ok now thank you xx

I had an anterior placenta with my first. I started to feel tiny kicks around 22 weeks but I only ever really felt them when I was lay on my side. I used to worry when I hadn't felt her move so the midwife told me to lay on my left side and I felt her every time :)

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Thank you, that's very helpful to know especially as I'm usually a left side layer aswell 😊 x

I also have this and although I felt bubbles at around 20 weeks, I didn’t really feel anything again until about 25 weeks. However from about then onwards they have been strong kicks and in a regular pattern and from about 28 weeks my husband was able to feel them too by putting his hand on my stomach. You will have plenty of time to feel the baby move it may just be a tiny bit later than if your placenta wasn’t anterior. X

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Thank you, I'm really looking forward to this moment. My last pregnancy was 12years ago & although I didnt have an anterior placenta I don't remember the weeks I was able to feel kicks then 🙈 xx

I’m the same ( but this second child) I’ve been feeling him kick for about two weeks (25weeks today) and in the last week I can see the belly moving too when he kicks !

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Aww lovely, I shouldnt have too long to wait. I'm 20+4 although I felt what I can only describe as a pop this morning at work & was wondering if that was a small kick (I'm telling myself it was as it cheered up my morning) 🙏😊 x

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