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Why aren’t pregnant women being tested earlier for diabetes? (as it could Be underlining health problem!)


Diabetes has been a huge link with why some patience have serious side affects with corona. Diabetes can start in your second trimester. I fall in the category and have to wait 12 weeks to find out. I have asked my midwife but did not get a straight answer. I self isolated for 8 weeks but got called back in to work, being told I wouldn’t get paid for the hours I haven’t done. I work in a shop that has provided masks, no screen or gloves. But I petrified I’ll have digestion diabetes!

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Gestational diabetes is something that occurs during 2nd or 3rd trimester usually, so there isn't much point testing earlier- info taken from NHS website. Your urine will be screened regularly so I guess if your midwife suspects issues you might get sent sooner x


How many weeks are you? This info says the test for diabetes is done between 24 and 28 weeks unless you had gestational diabetes with a previous pregnancy then it's done earlier.

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