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Covid and work


Has anyone else been told to stay home from work due to covid but not able to work from home and not on furlough? Have you been expected to use annual leave or start maternity leave earlier than you would have done?

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I work in a GP surgery and when i announced i was pregnant a few days after covid hit just over 12 weeks i was at this point, they discussed between themselves gps/practice manager and decided they didn't want me at work as too risky (which was their choice i woild have stayed at work if i could of), i cant be furloughed as healthcare are still working so doesn't apply but fortunately they are paying me my full pay (very kind of them).. but i believe you should not be forced to take your annual leave or start mat leave any earlier thats not fair...have you spoken to them about pay...if it was their choice to send you home i think they need to pay you or at least match furlough payment...if not talk to ACAS...especially as your pregnant

They cannot force you to take unpaid leave or holiday if your workplace is not safe for you. I would contact a union or ACAS if this has happened to you xx

Yes currently working from home and don't want to start my mat leave until August/September dependant on how things go but my boss is pushing me to take this years annual leave in the next couple of weeks to take me upto my maternity leave but I'm standing my ground. I don't think they can make us.

Do you have a union? If not speak to ACAS x

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