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Going back to work


Would you go back to work in a hospital after isolation. I have been in isolation since the outbreak of coronavirus. Now my employer has asked me to come back as things getting to normal . I am not sure if I should go back as I'm 17 weeks pregnant now. Although I have nothing to do at home but not sure about safety.

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The Tommy's website has this advice about working while pregnant:

'If you can’t work from home and you work in a public-facing role, talk to your employer about what steps can be taken to minimise your exposure.

If you are in your first or second trimester (less than 28 weeks pregnant), with no underlying health conditions, you should practise social distancing but can continue to work in a public-facing role, provided the necessary precautions are taken.

If you are in your third trimester (more than 28 weeks pregnant), or have an underlying health condition – such as heart or lung disease - you should work from home where possible, avoid contact with anyone with symptoms of coronavirus, and significantly reduce unnecessary social contact. Talk to your employer if you are in or approaching your third trimester'

I'd also suggest that ook up your rights about your health and safety at work and have a chat with your employer abouth making sure they have done an adequate risk assessment for your situation. Maternity action has several dedicated pages for covid information.


I was told to stay home from the start of the lockdown. I work in an office doing admin in a hospital. I was meant to be getting equipment to work from home but that hasn't happened. I have been very worried they would ask me to come back to the hospital. I just heard from my employer yesterday. She said now I'm 28 weeks they wouldn't ask me to come back in. I'm not sure if they're expecting me to be on annual leave now. She said they had made the office into a blue zone and they had being having to access it via a green zone corridor but can now access it via a fire escape which makes it safer so she could have asked me to come back before now. I don't really understand what the zones mean and also that wouldn't help me with having to get to and from work on public transport. I don't find the info on Maternity Action etc that clear but there is something on their website about being suspended on full pay if your employer can't make it safe. I think it's probably best to phone them for advice.

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Thank you for your reply.

For me I have to go through the whole hospital departments to get into the pharmacy and there are many staff in there without good ventilation.

Hi Sanlare,

I work frontline in the hospital and I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant. I've just taken precautions, wash my hands well etc.

I would suggest discussing your options with your manager. So far research says there is no risk to the baby even if you get Corona virus. The key is keeping yourself safe.

Best wishes !

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