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6 weeks and severe bloating


I’m currently around 6 weeks and I am suffering from the worst bloating ever. The picture doesn’t seem to do it justice, and that’s bad! I feel really uncomfortable in the office (keyworker) and I’m extremely conscious of my appearance. As a solicitor, I live in pencil skirts! Does anybody have any tips on helping with the bloat? I’m making sure I chew my food properly (normally I hoover it down) but if I’m honest, my portion sizes have decreased due to nausea anyway. Also, I’m vegan so any food/drink tips please take that info consideration 🙌🏻 TIA

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Hi ! Have you got slightly dodgy insides with it too - the rise in progesterone is probably responsible for the bloating. Hopefully it will settle down soon. A tummy tea with mint, fennel and caraway seeds is good to reduce bloat ? Good luck

I have this too and I find that eating little and often helps. Basically I can’t eat 3 meals a day anymore, I have to eat like 6.

I eat a very small bowl of porridge at 06:00 and then have a smoothie at 09:00, then half my lunch at 11:00 and half at 13:00, then a snack at 15:00 then half my diner at 17:00 and three other half at 19:00 and then I stop eating or maybe have a light snack at 21:00.

I did find I had to up my protein too because so veggies and pulses we’re making things worse!

I also need to drink lots of water!

Walking really helps too. If you can walk before work, in your lunch break and after work, even for a short while, it really helps.

I will say though that all I’ve done is go from being bloated to being gassy! So be prepared for that too!

Last but not least, it is just getting better as time goes on. I’m 9-10 weeks now and the bloating is just getting naturally better too. It was really bad from weeks 5-7.

Hope that helps.

My early bloating was horrible and quite painful, I felt so stretched out! I took Deflatine which I think helped a bit, totally safe when pregnant too. The good news is that it should pass soon I think when hormone levels settle down a bit. Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy! 🥰 Stay safe xx

Hi, I used to drink mint tea to help with bloating. It really easy the tummy. Also smaller portions and divide meals to make them about 5 or 6 a day, that was advised to me by my midwife. I also used to chew ginger to help with nausea if you can't manage to chew raw ginger try a couple of ginger biscuits it really helps.

Peppermint or ginger tea, peppermint for the bloating, ginger for the nausea, they can be super yummy iced too especially in this weather xx

I had bloating really bad, it does get better. Smaller meals, x

Bloating was really bad for me and slowly went down and a proper bump appeared, I had ivf treatment so was on extra progesterone which increased the bloating and would just get bigger throughout the day.

Smaller meals helped and plenty of water.

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant, I'm also having terrible bloating and tightness across the waistline. Yes I agree its very uncomfortable, it's the uterus expanding.