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So... I've really not been feeling right recently. I didnt have any pregnancy tests but knew I needed to use first morning urine. So I did a sample this morning and put it in the fridge (sterile container of course) and then got a test at 4 today. I've done the test using that urine but its come back negative? It's one day before period is due, not been feeling right for a few days now (had a baby before) I used clear blue. I've gone back to it an hour later and a line is there (could be evap as wasnt there before)

I know I could be feeling odd for many reasons, but by storing my urine would the HCG still have been in it?

Thanks in advance

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I wouldn't think storing your sample for such a short time and only on a fridge would affect it,so it, and I would think that if you went back to your test after a while and there's a line it's probably an evap line.

Maybe test again tomorrow now you've got some tests or maybe wait until your period is late,so you'd definitely get a stronger result.

Good luck

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Thank you, not sure what's going on with me x

Pregnancy tests arent reliable after one hour. You need to read them in the time frame it says on the box.

Just retest tomorrow or a few days

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