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So I took a pregnancy test the other night and it came up with a faint line but now I’m having really bad period like pain in my left side and really bad headaches, can anyone help me out please, thank you.

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Have you registered with your midwife yet? They will have given you a number to call. If you've not met with them yet, give 111 a call and see if they can have you seen at an early pregnancy unit, if the pain is really bad. I hope everything is OK x

So if it is pregnancy this is a possibility. When I was pregnant with my little one I was adamant I was going to come on my period. Was like that every month round the same time I would usually mensturate. It is very normal to have pain in the sides, your body is accommodating for a baby. But if the pain is SEVERE do not leave it, get checked at the hospital.

I had bad peroid cramps for the first few weeks of pregnancy and implantation bleeding. It eventually settled. It is common but it made me worry loads.

I had awful period like pains when I found out I was pregnant and these lasted about 2 days. They weren’t severe pains, but they were quite uncomfortable. If you are very worried and it’s so uncomfortable, you should call 111 and they will refer you to your closest hospital. I hope you are ok x

Hi, hopefully it is just implantation but you should definately speak to the EPU. I had the pains and bleeding badly the first time and it was an ectopic. Keep an eye out for other symptoms like pain in the shoulder tips and one sided pangs. Best of luck and hopefully it's just the baba getting settled in!

For those suggesting EPU, they will not see unless it is deemed that a pregnancy can be seen on a Ultrasound scan (6 weeks or below it is unlikely to be seen) I would suggest Emergancy Department.

I was told that I was too early to be seen on EPU and to go to ED x

Probably depends on hospitals. My GP sent me to A&E and was totally pointless and spent hours there for them to refer me to EPU

I had a scan at four weeks following from a previous miscarriage - I think it depends on location and circumstances

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