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Recommendations for drinking cup?


Can anyone recommend a good drinking cup for my 10 month old to have his water in?

My hv told us it needed to be free flow so we've been using that super cheap tommee tippee sippy cup that you can get but I find that he hates drinking out of it and the whole thing leaks quite a lot. At the moment I can only get him to drink a few sips during the day.

Does a cup have to be a free flow one or not?

Any recommendations would be great, thanks x

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We tried all sorts of cups including the tommee tippee free flow. munchkin 360 isn’t too bad but in the end it was just the fact my LG just wasn’t bothered. She didn’t get properly into water until about 15 months when we had a straw in a drink when we were out so then we bought a bottle with a straw x

My little boy drinks really well out of the munchkin 360 cup. I think they are brilliant. We did use a doidy cup a few times but that was more when he was younger and wouldn't take a bottle x

We use a mixture of the 360 and the doidy cup.

We didn’t do free flow, we got the Mam ones with the stumpy teat type on the top which she loved until she was about 14 months and then really wanted to use the Tommie tippy ones you have and rejected the Mam ones. I also have some 360 ones in that I’ve not tried yet. Personally I’d just go with what works for you x

Regular glass is also fine. Yes, they spill a lot, but Im not bothered.

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